Thursday, 29 September 2011

Images of salamanders and portrait.

All these images are linked to a fuse of my salamander animal. Though some of them that I have drawn are near detailed designs.


  1. Hey Amrit! I'm Molly, and I will be your mentor for this year! :D

    After having a quick browse of your blog I think I can give a couple of helpful pointers to improve it a little. I really like your hybrid studies and I think the next step would be to really go for mixing yourself with the salamander. Have a look at what its main features are and your equivalents and think about how they'd look if they were literally forced together.

    Also, if you could add a couple of pictures into your film reviews it wouldn't only make it more visually appealing but it can really help you when you're stuck for ideas.

    Great start though! I look forward to hearing from you and watching your project develop :D

  2. Hey i like the thumbnails man but just a quick thing we talked about before. watchout for the necks. as In the life drawing class and in some of you other drawing studies you seem to give people really big necks. to stop this keep looking at what you are drawing as I know and have seen you get carried away and not looked at what you are drawing much :) not a bad thing to get carried away but it may help you later on if you can get used to this. :) But good to see the good work :)