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Review of King Kong.

Fig 1 Poster King Kong

Fig 2 King Kong in New York

Fig 3 Ann

King Kong is about a giant ape nearly 50 feet. Who during this film falls for a 5 foot blonde Anne. But this film connects to the old style of the 1930’s the technology was not so great. But this film was really good because of the time period it was made.  What was interesting the fighting scene of Kong and the dinosaur was great the effects used in the film. Also when they arrived at the island it was mysterious and dark but had a nice foggy atmosphere.
“Besides Kong in the jungle among other freaks to appear are a triceratops, a brontosaurus, a tyrannosaurus, a pterodactyl and a 60-foot snake  Kong battles three of them, including the snake. His first scrimmage is with the tyrannosaurus”. (Joe Bigelow 1933)  This shows that King Kong is all high and mighty thus he is called ‘king’. Kong battles with the gigantic creatures. He beats them all and when finished Kong pounds his chest with the high victory I am king of the jungle. Also that at same time Kong is fighting the creature, he is protecting Ann. This shows a lot of love towards Ann. As for some reason he cares for Ann. But this is very unusual and highly unexpected. That you would not think for a second that and animal so ferrous can care for someone so small. But in the end she understands that Kong cares for her. This is shown more in the remake of King Kong 2005.
“The ape may be a monster, but he's also an innocent in love”.( Kim Newman) This shows a lot of love towards Ann. As for some reason he cares for Ann. As Kong does not want to eat as she is really pretty and makes him feel happy. As Kong is an angry ape. Kong is also an innocent that has a lovely warm side to him when he is with Ann. This reaction towards Ann makes him more vulnerable to the humans trying to save Ann this is what gives Kong energy to keep Ann for him.  This shows Kong has a warm hearted side.
“Imagine a 50-foot beast with a girl in one paw climbing up the outside of the Empire State Building”. (Mordaunt Hall, 1933) This is a nice view of a giant ape climbing the biggest building in New York at the time of the 1930’s. It shows that Kong would climb a big building to save him and Ann from being chased. At the same time they are both on top of the tower. You have pilots shooting at the ape eventually hurting the animal. King Kong falls. Then a strange scene where he hit’s the building couple of times and then falls straight down. But in the remake of ‘King Kong’ you have a scene where you see him drop all the way down the building. So it appears that there is different directed scene which the stronger remake has a better approach.    
List of illustrations:
Fig 1. King Kong Poster 
Fig 2.  Kong in New York  
Fig 3. Ann

By Joe Bigelow, (Mon, 6th March 1933) .  ‘Variety’

By Mordaunt Hall, (3rd March 1933)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Review of Metropolis.

Fig.1. Poster

Fig .2. Freder's first gaze upon Maria.

Metropolis was the biggest film in the 1920’a. It was the biggest-budgeted movie ever produced at Germany's UFA; Fritz Lang's gargantuan Metropolis consumed resources that would have yielded upwards of 20 conventional features, it would be half the budget of the production making of the film.

The start of this film is a man who is freed from working for Jon Fredersen who is the owner of the city. This person is code named ‘11811’. The beginning of this story it shows a group of children walking at of a building with an unknown women. She looks at Freder and she walks back in the building. Freder likes her. During a scene in the film an inventor called Rotwang creates a mechanical machine of Maria where he captures her and clones her body to a machine where this leads to destroying the city of Babel. At this point Maria is getting chased by Rotwang.

“In a city defined entirely in terms of work, losing one's job is equivalent to a death sentence.” (Sam Adams, July 20, 2010).  This shows when Josaphat is fired and dismissed as he can’t take the fact that he lost the job to Jon Fredersen mainly to him. In the scene of Josaphat is about to kill himself as he cannot bare it. Freder who says not to shot yourself. But replying do you know how it feels to be fired by your father. It appears that there so much attention that there’s respect for Jon.  In a way he cares for him.

“Someone who can be the heart that mediates between the hands of the workers and the brains of the rulers”. (By Kenneth Turan, 14th   May 2010). The point of this is that is showing that as much as you’re an owner or ruler of a city there is cares showing a great respect to others. But as much as having a brain you have a heart of a worker. Helping others when need of a hand. This may show where he has no heart where you see people working its like an overload of where a human cannot have a energy to being able to work at a continuous level of work. Repeating work every day, but yet they do it by the love of their family. The workers do it for their ruler Jon Fredersen.

“Fleshes out many of the characters and adds heroic saving-the-orphans-from-the-flood action beats which makes for a more exciting, satisfying finish”. ( Kim Newman) The ended was really good where all the kids run at through the flooded waters. This was a great finish indeed. But also shows Federer’s way of being heroic and saving the kids of the fallen city.  All the orphans of the film shows a lot was taken part to as what makes the film very realistic. Shows how much and effort was taken to an account in order to make this film a success In the making.

List of Illustrations:

Fig.1. Poster

Fig .2. Freder first look to Maria


By Sam Adams ‘City Paper’ July 20th 2010.

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Images of Robert Wiene’s The Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

Fig 1. Poster

Fig 2. Cesare and Master. 

Review of Robert Wiene’s The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

Francis, a young man, in his memory the horrible experiences with his fiancée Jane recently went through. Francis and his friend Alan visit The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, an exhibit where the mysterious doctor shows the somnambulist Cesare, and awakens him for from his death-like sleep.

During the film when Alan asks Cesare about his future, Cesare answers that he will die before dawn. At the scene of this film was shocking and was unexpected. To the audience thinking that this could be a joke. This was at of the ordinary.

"The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" (1920) is the film's bizarre look. The actors inhabit a jagged landscape of sharp angles and tilted walls and windows, staircases climbing crazy diagonals, trees with spiky leaves, grass that looks like knives”. (Roger Ebert, June 3rd 2009).. What is interesting about this is that for a first horror film. It’s disturbing because it has backgrounds that are distorted and walls and windows that are tilted and the colour of the film is doll because everything seems too much as a nightmare within a dream. It appears that the landscape of this film is in a perspective of its own. Where it’s all dislocated and put in all different angles and misplaced, but this meant to show deformity and horridness.

“The story is a classic sampling of expressionist paranoia about a hypnotist who uses a somnambulist to do his murders” (Robert Wiene), the meaning of somnambulist is sleepwalking so this approach it appears that this is used to killing in the film ‘cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The killer Cesare was getting away with it. But it shows a unique style and approach to this story. That Cesare is in a cabinet and during the night is killing people with a knife. So it seems the film is going into cycle. But in this film it shows throughout that there is a lot of expressionism with the amount of acting, though it’s all narrative.

“When Alan a little hastily enquires after the date of his own death he learns that he has until dawn”.(Nick Hilditch, 1st March 2001). This part of the film it shows Alan is very keen to know how long he well live. But has shock of his life when Cesare tells him ’dawn well be your death’. This was unexpected you would think that it’s just a joke, until the day after he is found dead. It appears that the approach to this film is funny yet has a horrific theme going on at the same time.

List of Illustrations:

Fig 1. Poster of the cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Fig 2. Cesare and Master.

Bibliography: Roger Ebert, 3rd June 2009. ‘Chicago Sun Times’
From ‘Time out Film Guide’ From ‘BBC’ Nick Hilditch, 1st March 2001.

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Final presentation.

Final docx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

essay assignment.


The topics I am looking at are Van Helsing the film as I found this an interesting topic to talk about.  Other sources I thought of looking at is Egyptian mythology but as they really don’t link together to ‘van Helsing’. The film well be an in depth approach to the movie.  My view relates to werewolves and leading to metamorphosis, how van Helsing transforms into a werewolf. Also leading to in depth about werewolf religion.

The Werewolf Cathedral.                                                                                      

“The werewolf is a symbol of a person who has become in tune with their instincts as out as our ancestors were.” It appears that werewolf’s being a symbol of a person is relating to early ancestors how they are part of an animal and that they link together. To the point werewolf are just beasts that are just wild. They wonder round in the night with the moon being the prime symbol to wolfs that causes the process of the transformation.  The werewolf is relating to humans such as men being like animals that we have an angry side. This shows a dark side.  Of what we are like when the mind and soul is changed.        

Van Helsing religion and its Monster

He throws the coffin off the cart and onto the ground. He and Morris tear off the lid and face their adversary. Whose red eyes glared with the horrible vindictive look I knew to well”. (By Timothy Kandler Beal). This is like always the scene in the vampire movies. It’s looking deep within the vampires as they glare red. This shows a scary demon look.  That relates to the devil as such as “red eyes”.  

Review of Van Helsing.

The plot depends on Dracula's desperate need to discover the secret of Frankenstein's Monster, because he can use it to bring his countless offspring to life”.( By Roger Ebert /May 7 2004). Dracula is using Frankenstein for his main purpose to resurrect his baby’s to life. As a lot of hybrid animals are used in this film. They all connect together as one puzzle. They are used to link to Dracula. To killing Dracula by a wolf to end his rain of a killing spree. But this point in the film where religion backs it up relating they battle from the beginning.

The Bible

“The Roman Catholic Church often used the negative imagery of wolves to create a sense of real devils prowling the real world.” This is showing that by roman Catholics they use werewolves to represent a devil form. ‘Prowling In The Real World’. This appears that wolves are dominant and have a strong field being able to wonder the world. It’s a definition of prowling and running round the real world.

“In the New Testament, Jesus is quoted to have used wolves as illustrations to the dangers His followers would have faced should they follow him” (Matthew 10:16, Acts 10:29, Matthew 7:15). This is from the bible. As Jesus is quoted to use wolves as Illustrations to the dangers of his followers saying that this is danger if you follow me. The sense that Jesus would do this to make a point is disturbing and that he has something that Jesus can not say to his follows.

Images of van Helsing

The images in the bottom are Van Helsing wallpapers. But the most interesting is ‘Fig 2’, where it is Helsing transformed as a Werewolf. The image is very bold and well illustrated and effective with the realistic fur and red eye gleamed look. But its very scary and has a horror glare to it. The werewolf has involved to a different specie from the beginning.
During the time wolves has changed in mythology terms its said that human are part wolf but as some say religion content it could be in a relation to demons and other contents.


Fig 1 Van Helsing Poster

Fig 2 Werewolf Van Helsing


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Magnifying Glass.

As this magnifying glass took me ages to complete, In the end I nailed it. I am pleased with the at come.
: )

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Life Drawing.

The drawings I have done here are my stronger images, though I have no clue why the colour is faded, but my favourite is my last one. As the highlights give the body a great finsh effect.

Images of Fusion Salamander Designs.

Some of these images are combined designs of salamanders. Have been looking at patterns and colour of my animal to get a better idea of my final outcome. Though I have alot of drawing to do.  The very first image is a combination of me and the animal. Just really bringing in patterns and more complex idea sketches. The last image is an idea silouette.  

Portrait's and Hands, Feet.

These are my portraits of me and my hands. feet.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Photoshop design's .

The image you see right above is one of my silhouettes. Though much to do.  The one above is in grey. But as I have to push forward to making this design work.  

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Review of The Black Swan.

Fig 1. Nina Poster.

Fig 2. Nina as Black Swan.

Fig 3. Nina as White Swan.

The black swan is about a ballerina called Nina. Who is obsessed of playing the leading role of the swan queen. It’s starts of where she is pressured in being perfect in all her poses. Where the main reason is where she has to learn, to dance as the black swan as well as the white swan. But the main thing is she does not let go of being free and just being able to loosen up. But on the other hand Nina has a mother that is very monstrous because she treats Nina like she’s a kid. Does not let her live her own life. Making Nina’s life miserable. Nina’s mother is very demanding and a irritating character in the film. Also the fact that her mother gave up being a ballerina because she had her.

“Its looming, close-up camera movements, and its encircling conspiracy of evil”. (Peter Bradshaw, 20 June 2011). It appears that in this film ‘Black Swan’ it shows a lot of camera views where its focused on the characters movement. Although it’s always behind the back of the character. It’s the main focus from the director’s approach. The approach of why the director has done this is because it draws the audience to the film and makes the idea of having a clear suspense. The meaning of encircling the conspiracy of evil, is that the main focus in this film is mirrors because it signifies evil shadows of Nina. This links to her awareness of her hallucinations and anxiety attacks. But its could really be her darker side to.

"The biggest challenge will be playing the character's evil twin, the “Black Swan". (Peter Bradshaw, 20 June 2011). What is challenging is how Nina has to compare to the ‘Black Swan’. As Beth who is one of the ballerinas is able to dance as the black swan effortlessly. But Nina is jealous because she is able to play the role easier. This is what brings out her evil side, trying to form the character of the black swan. So in the end she gives in becoming lose and when performing she is transformed into a dark and twisted black swan that is yet graceful and elegant.

“The body horror increases: later, we see Nina’s legs bending and snapping”. (Dave Calhoun, 20-26 June 2011). This was very disturbing but it shows Nina’s hallucinations. When her mind can’t take it anymore. At this point it seems as the Black swan is taking over her mind and controlling Nina. This is what makes her become mental during the film of the ‘Black Swan’ Though Nina has a mother that is a witch and that she is very monstrous and demanding, seems she like’s to take over her life. But this adds on the pressure to Nina. This anger that was developing inside Nina drove her to becoming the dark swan. 

List Of Illustrations:

Fig 1 Nina Poster.

Fig 2 Nina as Black Swan.

Fig 3 Nina as White Swan

Bibliography: Two quotes are from this website

By Peter Bradshaw, 20th June 2011. ‘The Guardian’ By Dave Calhoun. January 20-26th June 2011. “Time Out London"  

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Influence Map

 The images I been looking at are salamanders and bearded salamanders. I want to be able to use the images and progress with these more further. These type of animal's interest me because of colour and pattern and types of skin armour that bearded salamanders have that I'm fond off.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Review of Splice.

Fig 1 Cover Of Splice

Fig 2 Splice Poster

Fig 3 Dren's face

Splice the movie is a disturbing counterfeit. The story is about two genetic engineer’s who create a creature that’s animal and human. But things become horrible when controlling Dren. As she causes disasters. But it’s creating a creature and it’s like playing god.

What’s interesting about this creature is the development to it being like a alien from the start. To maturing to
an adult, it evolves to a human hybrid. It appears that in some scenes particular when Clive dances with Dren , Clive becomes attached to Dren when staring at her eyes. It seems that Dren is reading Clives mind or predicting Clives thoughts. As Clive becomes drawn to her and being sexually aroused. This was very interesting and I found it had great understanding of Clives feelings towards Dren.

“A wide-eyed and strangely beautiful hybrid of animal and human DNA” (Nigel Floyd. 21st July 2010). Dren became more wiser as a creature and she became more beautiful in her transformation. Clive on the other hand was sexually aroused and was drawn to her because Dren was apart of Elsa and this is what Clive did see in Dren. But it could be the look of Elsa’s eyes. That interact with Clive. What’s likeable is Dren’s wings in some scene’s she shows her graceful like wings. When she is angry or in a sexual mood.

“It is fascinating to see the arrogant human scientists revealed as monsters”. (Nigel Floyd, 21st July 2010). It appears that in Splice Clive and Elsa becoming parents are trying to bond with Dren. They still show cruelty to Dren when Elsa takes away the cat and says to her ’ You can’t always have what you want. It’s part of being human’. This is a sad scene, but it may link to Elsa and her desires and luxury. That she did not get when she was young.

“Dren morphs into a special-effects miracle, sexy and scary in equal doses.”( Peter Travers June 3rd 2010). I found that Dren is a very sexy character because her looks are arousing and mysterious also that Dren attracts a lot attention. What’s interesting is her wings this is what makes her graceful. But what’s scary is when she dies she resurrects from the dead transforming into a male Dren. This is when Dren kills nearly everyone except Elsa who the male Dren mates with Elsa. What was disturbing, how a creature can change so quickly. What’s mind-blowing.

List of Illustrations:

Fig 1 Splice front cover.

Fig 2 Dren Poster .

Fig 3 Dren's Face.

Bibliography: - Two quotes are linked to this website. 

By (Nigel Floyd) ‘Time Out London Issue’ 2083: 21-28 July, 2010  

By (Peter Travers) 'Rolling Stones' June 3rd 2010.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Review of The Elephant Man.

Fig 1 The Elephant Man

Fig 2 The Elephant Man

The Elephant Man is

It appears that in his life he found living really hard as life for John was a struggle. The point that John was deformed and it’s how he was treated by humans, that would look at him in a different way. The saddest part of the film to me is when he first spoke. This felt as John is holding all his strength to say a word. It must be so hard to live such a life, the point that John survived in such a cruel world is beyond will.

Based on the true story of Joseph Merrick, a 19th-century Englishman afflicted with a disfiguring congenital disease. With the help of kindly Dr. Frederick Treves, for his great loss having spent his time inside a show freak. Fredrick Treves is happy to help Joseph Merrick. This film is very sad and hard to watch about a man that is called ‘The Elephant Man’ or known to people the ‘freak’.
“Buried under an incredible mass of make-up, John Hurt still manages to invest his portrayal of Merrick with dignity and courage” It appears that John is playing a great role. As the character of ‘The Elephant Man ‘ having courage to playing such a sad deformed character. The touching scene 'Oh, Mr Merrick, you're not an elephant man at all. No, you're Romeo'. The actress is saying that your not a Elephant Man, your are something much more special. As the celebrated actress is being nice towards Johan Merrick but as this could be a sexual passion moment.

“But there is a distinction here that needs to be drawn, between the courage of a man who chooses to face hardship for a good purpose, and the courage of a man who is simply doing the best he can.” What’s interesting is that John Merrick is able to go forward in this rough roll coaster of life. Trying to be in a atmosphere where people see who he really is. That human’s don’t want a Elephant Man to belong here. What is denial and having no rights if your deformed or not.

The line that John Merrick says in a scene ’I am a not an animal, I am a human being’. Made me feel really good to the fact that John is able to speak and stand his ground to say I am a human just like you, This won me over, as he showed and expressed his emotions to the people in Victoria.

List of Illustations:

Fig 1 The Elephant Man.

Fig 2 The Elephant Man John Merrick.

Author, TM  By 'Time At Film Guide'
By Almar Halfidason.  24 Th May 2001. By 'BBC'
By Roger Ebert, January 1, 1980. 'Chicago Sun Times'  


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Review of The Company Of Wolves.

Fig 1 Roasline and mysterious character in forest. 

Fig 2 Poster of The Company of Wolves.

My view of The Company of Wolves is a story within a story, because it's approach to the audience is so they can be confused. The main point that Rosalie is dreaming about her sister being killed by wolves. But really it's actually happening for real. “The film makers, however, have more than fleshed out the character of Grandmother, who is full of esoteric advice, such as ''Beware of wind fallen apples and of men whose eyebrows meet.'' It appears that the grandmother knows aboit about werewolf’s. It's bizarre finding someone where wolves eyebrows meets.

''The worst kind of wolf is hairy on the inside,'' this seems interesting because the grandmother might mean that it could be someone you know that could be a werewolf. It's also the fact that Rosalie is one of them characters that is really strong and can stand her ground not being afraid of exploring. So when it comes to meeting this mysterious wolf in the forest Rosalie became fond of him. In the end you see her jumping out the window a wolf joining the wolf she meet in the forest. This was disturbing but was very unexpected and confusing to my view.

But it's when you see a scene in the end of the story of rosalie with the wolve. You think that this is not what you would expect that she is stroking the wolve she would not be alive. But it's like she's acting as if her own she's caring for. This I found outstanding. That rosalie might be one of them from the beginning.

List of Illustrations:

Fig.1.roasline and mysterious character damonart.com

Fig.2. Poster


New York Times (1985) By Vincent Canby

Assessed on 04/10/11.

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Amrits Content Assignment.