Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Amrits Content Assignment.


  1. OGR 03/10/11

    Hey Amrit,

    Okay - as I suspected from your look of horror yesterday when I spoke about the importance of the OGR, your halfway stage is not all that it could or should be, though I'm pleased to see you did manage to sort out a Scribd presentation as requested. That said, I do need to be very clear with you at this earliest stage in regard to my expectations of a CGAA student. This is a famously challenging and demanding degree programme, and its undergraduates need to be highly organised and good project managers if they are going to get the most from the experience.

    Now, it's clear to me - and has been so since our first encounter, that you sometimes struggle to process the challenges asked of you, and I'm pleased that you're engaging with the support available to you. That said, there is still the expectation that you work hard, create work to the best of your ability, access the information made available to you via myUCA and generally seek to impress. What your OGR tells me is that you're continuing to struggle and, if I can be perfectly honest, that you're simply not working hard enough yet.

    In terms of your splice, you haven't generated enough thumbnails to truly have explored all the options available to you, but of the drawings I've seen, I want to suggest to you that you avoid the generic approach of drawing yourself as some muscular superhero with the tail of a salamander. This is a very 'ordinary' and conventional idea, and I encourage you take things much further. A browse through the blogs of your classmates will show you very clearly just how much work it takes to find something original and innovative to develop further.

    There is no essay into in your OGR as requested - which worries me, because it's this academic aspect of the degree programme that appears to cause you the most difficulty and distress. All I can do is state again the importance of these online reviews, of you using your blog to get feedback, and of working closely with the support available to you to ensure this aspect of your studies feels less daunting. You need to stay on top of things, you need to update your blog regularly and you need to take an active part in improving your skills.

    I will be looking closely at your development from this point onwards, Amrit. You know, it could just be that this particular course of study might not, in fact, be quite right for you - and that's a discussion you shouldn't be afraid of. Jackie will contact you and let you know a time for you and I to have a chat about your progress so far.

  2. There is no essay *intro* in your OGR as requested - sorry!