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essay assignment.


The topics I am looking at are Van Helsing the film as I found this an interesting topic to talk about.  Other sources I thought of looking at is Egyptian mythology but as they really don’t link together to ‘van Helsing’. The film well be an in depth approach to the movie.  My view relates to werewolves and leading to metamorphosis, how van Helsing transforms into a werewolf. Also leading to in depth about werewolf religion.

The Werewolf Cathedral.                                                                                      

“The werewolf is a symbol of a person who has become in tune with their instincts as out as our ancestors were.” It appears that werewolf’s being a symbol of a person is relating to early ancestors how they are part of an animal and that they link together. To the point werewolf are just beasts that are just wild. They wonder round in the night with the moon being the prime symbol to wolfs that causes the process of the transformation.  The werewolf is relating to humans such as men being like animals that we have an angry side. This shows a dark side.  Of what we are like when the mind and soul is changed.        

Van Helsing religion and its Monster

He throws the coffin off the cart and onto the ground. He and Morris tear off the lid and face their adversary. Whose red eyes glared with the horrible vindictive look I knew to well”. (By Timothy Kandler Beal). This is like always the scene in the vampire movies. It’s looking deep within the vampires as they glare red. This shows a scary demon look.  That relates to the devil as such as “red eyes”.  

Review of Van Helsing.

The plot depends on Dracula's desperate need to discover the secret of Frankenstein's Monster, because he can use it to bring his countless offspring to life”.( By Roger Ebert /May 7 2004). Dracula is using Frankenstein for his main purpose to resurrect his baby’s to life. As a lot of hybrid animals are used in this film. They all connect together as one puzzle. They are used to link to Dracula. To killing Dracula by a wolf to end his rain of a killing spree. But this point in the film where religion backs it up relating they battle from the beginning.

The Bible

“The Roman Catholic Church often used the negative imagery of wolves to create a sense of real devils prowling the real world.” This is showing that by roman Catholics they use werewolves to represent a devil form. ‘Prowling In The Real World’. This appears that wolves are dominant and have a strong field being able to wonder the world. It’s a definition of prowling and running round the real world.

“In the New Testament, Jesus is quoted to have used wolves as illustrations to the dangers His followers would have faced should they follow him” (Matthew 10:16, Acts 10:29, Matthew 7:15). This is from the bible. As Jesus is quoted to use wolves as Illustrations to the dangers of his followers saying that this is danger if you follow me. The sense that Jesus would do this to make a point is disturbing and that he has something that Jesus can not say to his follows.

Images of van Helsing

The images in the bottom are Van Helsing wallpapers. But the most interesting is ‘Fig 2’, where it is Helsing transformed as a Werewolf. The image is very bold and well illustrated and effective with the realistic fur and red eye gleamed look. But its very scary and has a horror glare to it. The werewolf has involved to a different specie from the beginning.
During the time wolves has changed in mythology terms its said that human are part wolf but as some say religion content it could be in a relation to demons and other contents.


Fig 1 Van Helsing Poster

Fig 2 Werewolf Van Helsing


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