Friday, 14 October 2011

Photoshop design's .

The image you see right above is one of my silhouettes. Though much to do.  The one above is in grey. But as I have to push forward to making this design work.  


  1. Hey Amrit! I really like the spiny-ness of your design. I'm also really drawn to the soft almost cloud-like painting on the tail and left shoulder but it doesn't quite match the scratchier technique you've used elsewhere.
    The softness is lovely but I think if you're combined with a salamander the scratchier look is more appropriate. Have a few more experiments with it and remember you still have time to get everything done so don't panic yet! :D

  2. Hey. Good to see you are doing well. Like Molly I really like the tail. have you thought of doing a line up and letting other say what they like about them? that way you could combine the ones that have good feed back? And yeah do not panic as I know you was a little yesterday, keep karm and at a steady pace and you will be fine. Dont forget Monday we have maya day so do not panic about that either :)

  3. Just one more thing man, where are your 5 studies of your hands/feet and face? If you have done then try uploading then soon :)