Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Review of The Black Swan.

Fig 1. Nina Poster.

Fig 2. Nina as Black Swan.

Fig 3. Nina as White Swan.

The black swan is about a ballerina called Nina. Who is obsessed of playing the leading role of the swan queen. It’s starts of where she is pressured in being perfect in all her poses. Where the main reason is where she has to learn, to dance as the black swan as well as the white swan. But the main thing is she does not let go of being free and just being able to loosen up. But on the other hand Nina has a mother that is very monstrous because she treats Nina like she’s a kid. Does not let her live her own life. Making Nina’s life miserable. Nina’s mother is very demanding and a irritating character in the film. Also the fact that her mother gave up being a ballerina because she had her.

“Its looming, close-up camera movements, and its encircling conspiracy of evil”. (Peter Bradshaw, 20 June 2011). It appears that in this film ‘Black Swan’ it shows a lot of camera views where its focused on the characters movement. Although it’s always behind the back of the character. It’s the main focus from the director’s approach. The approach of why the director has done this is because it draws the audience to the film and makes the idea of having a clear suspense. The meaning of encircling the conspiracy of evil, is that the main focus in this film is mirrors because it signifies evil shadows of Nina. This links to her awareness of her hallucinations and anxiety attacks. But its could really be her darker side to.

"The biggest challenge will be playing the character's evil twin, the “Black Swan". (Peter Bradshaw, 20 June 2011). What is challenging is how Nina has to compare to the ‘Black Swan’. As Beth who is one of the ballerinas is able to dance as the black swan effortlessly. But Nina is jealous because she is able to play the role easier. This is what brings out her evil side, trying to form the character of the black swan. So in the end she gives in becoming lose and when performing she is transformed into a dark and twisted black swan that is yet graceful and elegant.

“The body horror increases: later, we see Nina’s legs bending and snapping”. (Dave Calhoun, 20-26 June 2011). This was very disturbing but it shows Nina’s hallucinations. When her mind can’t take it anymore. At this point it seems as the Black swan is taking over her mind and controlling Nina. This is what makes her become mental during the film of the ‘Black Swan’ Though Nina has a mother that is a witch and that she is very monstrous and demanding, seems she like’s to take over her life. But this adds on the pressure to Nina. This anger that was developing inside Nina drove her to becoming the dark swan. 

List Of Illustrations:

Fig 1 Nina Poster.

Fig 2 Nina as Black Swan.

Fig 3 Nina as White Swan

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