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Review of The Company Of Wolves.

Fig 1 Roasline and mysterious character in forest. 

Fig 2 Poster of The Company of Wolves.

My view of The Company of Wolves is a story within a story, because it's approach to the audience is so they can be confused. The main point that Rosalie is dreaming about her sister being killed by wolves. But really it's actually happening for real. “The film makers, however, have more than fleshed out the character of Grandmother, who is full of esoteric advice, such as ''Beware of wind fallen apples and of men whose eyebrows meet.'' It appears that the grandmother knows aboit about werewolf’s. It's bizarre finding someone where wolves eyebrows meets.

''The worst kind of wolf is hairy on the inside,'' this seems interesting because the grandmother might mean that it could be someone you know that could be a werewolf. It's also the fact that Rosalie is one of them characters that is really strong and can stand her ground not being afraid of exploring. So when it comes to meeting this mysterious wolf in the forest Rosalie became fond of him. In the end you see her jumping out the window a wolf joining the wolf she meet in the forest. This was disturbing but was very unexpected and confusing to my view.

But it's when you see a scene in the end of the story of rosalie with the wolve. You think that this is not what you would expect that she is stroking the wolve she would not be alive. But it's like she's acting as if her own she's caring for. This I found outstanding. That rosalie might be one of them from the beginning.

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New York Times (1985) By Vincent Canby

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