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Review of King Kong.

Fig 1 Poster King Kong

Fig 2 King Kong in New York

Fig 3 Ann

King Kong is about a giant ape nearly 50 feet. Who during this film falls for a 5 foot blonde Anne. But this film connects to the old style of the 1930’s the technology was not so great. But this film was really good because of the time period it was made.  What was interesting the fighting scene of Kong and the dinosaur was great the effects used in the film. Also when they arrived at the island it was mysterious and dark but had a nice foggy atmosphere.
“Besides Kong in the jungle among other freaks to appear are a triceratops, a brontosaurus, a tyrannosaurus, a pterodactyl and a 60-foot snake  Kong battles three of them, including the snake. His first scrimmage is with the tyrannosaurus”. (Joe Bigelow 1933)  This shows that King Kong is all high and mighty thus he is called ‘king’. Kong battles with the gigantic creatures. He beats them all and when finished Kong pounds his chest with the high victory I am king of the jungle. Also that at same time Kong is fighting the creature, he is protecting Ann. This shows a lot of love towards Ann. As for some reason he cares for Ann. But this is very unusual and highly unexpected. That you would not think for a second that and animal so ferrous can care for someone so small. But in the end she understands that Kong cares for her. This is shown more in the remake of King Kong 2005.
“The ape may be a monster, but he's also an innocent in love”.( Kim Newman) This shows a lot of love towards Ann. As for some reason he cares for Ann. As Kong does not want to eat as she is really pretty and makes him feel happy. As Kong is an angry ape. Kong is also an innocent that has a lovely warm side to him when he is with Ann. This reaction towards Ann makes him more vulnerable to the humans trying to save Ann this is what gives Kong energy to keep Ann for him.  This shows Kong has a warm hearted side.
“Imagine a 50-foot beast with a girl in one paw climbing up the outside of the Empire State Building”. (Mordaunt Hall, 1933) This is a nice view of a giant ape climbing the biggest building in New York at the time of the 1930’s. It shows that Kong would climb a big building to save him and Ann from being chased. At the same time they are both on top of the tower. You have pilots shooting at the ape eventually hurting the animal. King Kong falls. Then a strange scene where he hit’s the building couple of times and then falls straight down. But in the remake of ‘King Kong’ you have a scene where you see him drop all the way down the building. So it appears that there is different directed scene which the stronger remake has a better approach.    
List of illustrations:
Fig 1. King Kong Poster 
Fig 2.  Kong in New York  
Fig 3. Ann

By Joe Bigelow, (Mon, 6th March 1933) .  ‘Variety’

By Mordaunt Hall, (3rd March 1933)

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  1. Hey Amrit - watch your Harvard citations - remember, it's just the surname followed by the publishing date like thus (Hall: 1933) - also, I'm sure you track down the publishing date for the Kim Newman quote - try finding the same review on Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic - as those sites often give a publishing date.