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Review of Metropolis.

Fig.1. Poster

Fig .2. Freder's first gaze upon Maria.

Metropolis was the biggest film in the 1920’a. It was the biggest-budgeted movie ever produced at Germany's UFA; Fritz Lang's gargantuan Metropolis consumed resources that would have yielded upwards of 20 conventional features, it would be half the budget of the production making of the film.

The start of this film is a man who is freed from working for Jon Fredersen who is the owner of the city. This person is code named ‘11811’. The beginning of this story it shows a group of children walking at of a building with an unknown women. She looks at Freder and she walks back in the building. Freder likes her. During a scene in the film an inventor called Rotwang creates a mechanical machine of Maria where he captures her and clones her body to a machine where this leads to destroying the city of Babel. At this point Maria is getting chased by Rotwang.

“In a city defined entirely in terms of work, losing one's job is equivalent to a death sentence.” (Sam Adams, July 20, 2010).  This shows when Josaphat is fired and dismissed as he can’t take the fact that he lost the job to Jon Fredersen mainly to him. In the scene of Josaphat is about to kill himself as he cannot bare it. Freder who says not to shot yourself. But replying do you know how it feels to be fired by your father. It appears that there so much attention that there’s respect for Jon.  In a way he cares for him.

“Someone who can be the heart that mediates between the hands of the workers and the brains of the rulers”. (By Kenneth Turan, 14th   May 2010). The point of this is that is showing that as much as you’re an owner or ruler of a city there is cares showing a great respect to others. But as much as having a brain you have a heart of a worker. Helping others when need of a hand. This may show where he has no heart where you see people working its like an overload of where a human cannot have a energy to being able to work at a continuous level of work. Repeating work every day, but yet they do it by the love of their family. The workers do it for their ruler Jon Fredersen.

“Fleshes out many of the characters and adds heroic saving-the-orphans-from-the-flood action beats which makes for a more exciting, satisfying finish”. ( Kim Newman) The ended was really good where all the kids run at through the flooded waters. This was a great finish indeed. But also shows Federer’s way of being heroic and saving the kids of the fallen city.  All the orphans of the film shows a lot was taken part to as what makes the film very realistic. Shows how much and effort was taken to an account in order to make this film a success In the making.

List of Illustrations:

Fig.1. Poster  moviescreenshots.blogspot.com

Fig .2. Freder first look to Maria jonathanrosenbaum.com


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