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Review of Splice.

Fig 1 Cover Of Splice

Fig 2 Splice Poster

Fig 3 Dren's face

Splice the movie is a disturbing counterfeit. The story is about two genetic engineer’s who create a creature that’s animal and human. But things become horrible when controlling Dren. As she causes disasters. But it’s creating a creature and it’s like playing god.

What’s interesting about this creature is the development to it being like a alien from the start. To maturing to
an adult, it evolves to a human hybrid. It appears that in some scenes particular when Clive dances with Dren , Clive becomes attached to Dren when staring at her eyes. It seems that Dren is reading Clives mind or predicting Clives thoughts. As Clive becomes drawn to her and being sexually aroused. This was very interesting and I found it had great understanding of Clives feelings towards Dren.

“A wide-eyed and strangely beautiful hybrid of animal and human DNA” (Nigel Floyd. 21st July 2010). Dren became more wiser as a creature and she became more beautiful in her transformation. Clive on the other hand was sexually aroused and was drawn to her because Dren was apart of Elsa and this is what Clive did see in Dren. But it could be the look of Elsa’s eyes. That interact with Clive. What’s likeable is Dren’s wings in some scene’s she shows her graceful like wings. When she is angry or in a sexual mood.

“It is fascinating to see the arrogant human scientists revealed as monsters”. (Nigel Floyd, 21st July 2010). It appears that in Splice Clive and Elsa becoming parents are trying to bond with Dren. They still show cruelty to Dren when Elsa takes away the cat and says to her ’ You can’t always have what you want. It’s part of being human’. This is a sad scene, but it may link to Elsa and her desires and luxury. That she did not get when she was young.

“Dren morphs into a special-effects miracle, sexy and scary in equal doses.”( Peter Travers June 3rd 2010). I found that Dren is a very sexy character because her looks are arousing and mysterious also that Dren attracts a lot attention. What’s interesting is her wings this is what makes her graceful. But what’s scary is when she dies she resurrects from the dead transforming into a male Dren. This is when Dren kills nearly everyone except Elsa who the male Dren mates with Elsa. What was disturbing, how a creature can change so quickly. What’s mind-blowing.

List of Illustrations:

Fig 1 Splice front cover.

Fig 2 Dren Poster .

Fig 3 Dren's Face.

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