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Life Drawings

Review of Don't Look Now

FIg 1 Poster

Fig 1 John And Daughter

John and Laura Baxter are living in Venice when they meet two elderly sisters, one of whom claims to be psychic. She says that she sees the spirit of the Baxter’s' daughter, who recently drowned. Laura is intrigued as John is non-resisted to the physic woman. Soon he starts to see his daughter wearing a red cloak.

“The film opens with an agonizing sequence in England when their five-year-old daughter drowns in a nearby pond, a fact that John senses without questioning why.” (Canby) This takes a vast seen in the start that John senses his daughter drowning. John’s mind is warped telling him his daughter is in danger.  A vision from instinct John can see but not his wife Laura.  This leads to the unexpected and what is going to happen next. During the film there is a lot of possession do to Laura so egger to find at about her dead daughter if she is okay.  The film has a disturbing uncanny effect. More or less in the film it’s spot on being as dreadful as the supernatural feeling is out stretched.

“He glimpses a flash of a small figure in a crimson hooded slicker” (Putman) As Johns mind is playing tricks on him, and Laura just thinks that he is mad. As following to the path there is no one to be seen.  This is very linked to the familiar as its shows the person a vision which is only familiar to what we have seen in the past. It’s just like a train it takes the past and travels into the future what brings back the mad memory’s which the mind is still dwelling on. 

“Mounting anxiety. It concerns the supernatural and has an eerie, dreadful power”. (Cocks)In the film of ‘Don’t Look Now’ there is a lot of anxiety as such it plays with the mind and makes it wonder. But the film has a dreadful atmosphere to making you lost. As pointing a person to the wrong direction. It’s giving the person a false sense of awareness.  The film has a dark power to the connection of something evil and regrettable.    
List of Illustrations:
Fig 1 Poster
Fig 2 John and Daughter
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Monday, 28 November 2011

Review of The Innocents

Fig 1 Poster

Fig 2 ' Miles and Giddens'

Fig 3 'Giddens and Flora'

The film ‘The Innocents’ is based In Victorian England, the uncle of orphaned niece Flora and nephew Miles hires Miss Giddens as governess to raise the children with total independence and authority. Little do they know that strangely the children are possess by the ghosts which is their father that is very much haunting son Miles.

“The story’s profound, unsettling ambiguity is perfectly served by Georges Auric’s soundtrack of laughs and whispers”.  (Walters 2006) The theme of the scares are just the taste of hunger and a threaten to putting the character into a trapped position, where it puts them off-guard.   Although the stage set is defined to being dark which setting of the story of the innocent is based on a dark candle light horror story. This gives the feel a disturbing atmosphere in the wake of the haunting. As the room setting is all large big what gives the overall stage an expanded view of the room.  

“As a ghost story, it works perfectly - through its restraint as much as anything else - even if it politely sidesteps much of the original story's sexual undertones.” (Pulver 2006) The film ‘The Innocent’ is mostly disturbing to the scene of the desire evolving Miles and Giddens kissing. This may show Miles likes Giddens and could like her in an intimate way. Maybe Miles could be playing games with Giddens and putting of guard. Miles and Flora may have caught their parents having sex, which is why they have the knowledge of being aroused by what they see.  This is why they are grown up but at the same time is gaining knowledge of what they come across.  

“Potent symbolism – a beetle crawling out of a statue’s mouth, for example. The work of cinematographer Freddie Francis, with its deep focus and gloomy shadows”.  (Berriman 2010) the photography from Freddie Francis captures great dark imagery. Which symbolize a statue where a insect crawls at of the mouth what is rather disgusting. But shows a disturbing approach as it’s meant to be unexpected also to open up a creepy atmosphere to the scene.  But it’s like another leading to something mysterious leading to the unknown.  

List of Illustrations:

Fig 1 The Innocents’ Poster

Fig 2 ‘Miles and Giddens’

Fig 3 ‘Giddens and Flora’


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Model column's


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Unit 2 Space 2011

Photoshop painting-Ideas

All Final Scenes


Final Scene 2 Pathway

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Thumbnails Pass 100 Mark.

I used the image 50 in Photoshop just to experiment more. Which went will. 

Image 51 is just in depth perspective, and just changing a direction from my buildings. 

These are gargoyles and I'm going to use this idea of having them on a wall to give more of a scary and bolder effect. 

Image 84, 85.88 are my final concept images that I have chosen. As these are my strongest images I can create them more further.  

These are different perspective views of pillars and buildings.  

Final Scene 1

This is my final concept 1 scene.  

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Model Building Part 1

This is the first tutorial done. Now for the next one. I'm much happy now I am progressing.  

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Photoshop Paintings.

As a start theses are just quick perspective painting. This one is in colour and second image is in black and white. During my practise I have been struggling during the Photoshop lessons. But I'm starting to use the textures. Now beginning to generate the skills as a starting point.

This Quick painting I had trouble with. But learning perspectives between light. As I have much to learn and practise on. As I well develope more of these Landscapes in Photoshop. I wanted to give the background for the second image a foggy atmosphere. Make the foreground temple stand at more.

Life Drawings

These bottom three are quick 2 mintue sketches. the top one is an hour and a half long drawing, which I'm much pleased of.

Review of Avatar

Fig 1 Poster

Fig 2 Jake as Avatar

Fig 3 Avatar Characters

Avatar is a spectacular film about a ex-marine who is replaced by his brother. As Jakes brother was killed. Jake then is gone into a new world called Pandora. A colourful jungle and a thrilling world to wonder. Where Jake is moved to this planet Pandora. Jake has not seen before. He adapts when he is exploring the jungle with his group. Soon gets chased by a well created jaguar creature. Then now is left behind by the crew. Jake finds that he’s in trouble as all these types of creatures around want him for meat. Then later in the film Jake is saved by a slim slender creature called Neytiri.  This is where all the fun starts and the film get into gear.

“From the epic – a floating mountain range in the sky, waterfalls cascading into nothingness” (Chris Hewitt)When seeing this for the first time, mind blown by the creativeness of seeing mountains floating with waterfalls going down them then evaporating in the lush air of Pandora.  This was very imaginable; it shows the concept side of how creative the team of workers made the special effects worked. This made it e realistic as possible. As to act that you are actually there in the movie. As the film overall is wild with its crisp detail and imagination behind it all.

“It’s hard to fault ‘Avatar’ as an immersive visual experience. Pandora and its luridly coloured inhabitants are beautifully designed, though none of this ever feels remotely real. But this was supposed to be the movie that changed the face of filmmaking forever.” (Tom Huddleston) Avatar is a film that is fully active with its visual effects and that shows a great taste of its lush landscapes and backgrounds. But looking at it in a perspective it don’t seem as real remotely because it does not show a realistic approach to the look of the bodies. As really it just looks much like a fairy tale with a bit of romance. What back this film up the most are the fantastic visual effects.  As Avatar is the change of film.  It is as much of changing movies in a wider approach to being creative.

“They also have shimmery skin and pale tiger stripes. They wear their hair in long braids that end in a cluster of tentacles with nerve endings; these anemones can be plugged into the tails of various forest creatures, forming a kind of natural circuit.” (Stephanie Zacharek) This shows that Cameron looks at animals as idea because it appears that in the film using your tail to be connected to another animal is really impressive. It’s opening your mind to being in a animals body, showing life style as much as a avatar one.  Also the creative costumes are as a human but they are more starched and the hair looks like braids. So the avatars have human features.

List of illustrations:
Fig 1 Poster
Fig 2 ‘Jake’
Fig 3 Avatar Characters
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Monday, 14 November 2011

Review of Edward Scissorhands

Fig 1 Poster

Fig 2 Edward and Kim

Tim Burton’s Edward Scissors hands is about a creative inventor that creates a youth called Edward scissor hands, but the fact that he has scissors as hands. As this is a strange concept to Freddy Kruger just the good looking version.  Edward is changing places gone into another world where it’s vibrant and colourful atmosphere dwells.  Where this is quiet the 70’s look. But landscape it is neat clean cut. But on the other side to the neighbours it shows a haunted castle up a hill. As this is mostly the interesting part of the film.  

As it’s got a lot of judge of character to show what lies in the dark mysterious castle that all the neighbours act as this don’t exist. Within the film Edward has come across a girl called Kim Boggs that is beautiful and he adores this tells the story of Edward Scissors hands.

“Edward sports an astonishing pair of hands - five-fingered, foot long blades that render him either lethal or extraordinarily skillful. Edward becomes an instant celeb who amuses them by artistically pruning their hedges, their dogs”.  {Staff} It’s interesting that Edward is all open in arms by showing his creative side by using his scissors hands for great use. That having a wonderful mind by being artistic showing that as much as he is a strange figure he adds up for his unique style. Edward is trimming away at dogs and the lady’s.  

“The production design is the central good idea; it involves bright colours in unlikely combinations, for instance, a lavender-suited Avon lady driving a dandelion-yellow car.” (Janet Maslin) The film shows a combination of colour with the buildings being very bold, flat as every house in the film is all the same.  Colours are all bright yellow and there all symbolise the 70’s as the decade was evolving of bright bold colours in the period of the 1970’s. This shows Burtons style of his creative imagination was opened in a different approach.

“Depp's gentle performance gives new dimension to the old Frankenstein monster, allowing for a more human connection”. (Chris Cabin) Well as Frankenstein is more a hard on character a bit dangerous as Edward is a calm and gentle character that is loving, lonely and caring. As he shows a lot of love towards Kim when he see her in photo he has a warm smile to show. Gleaming at her for the first time and scaring her when Kim goes to room in the dark she is frightened. Later in the story she sees the kind heartedness of Edward and begins to care for him as this brings them together in the end.

List of illustrations:
Fig 1 Poster
Fig 2 Edward and Kim
(Maslin 1990) Tomatoes.