Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Photoshop Paintings.

As a start theses are just quick perspective painting. This one is in colour and second image is in black and white. During my practise I have been struggling during the Photoshop lessons. But I'm starting to use the textures. Now beginning to generate the skills as a starting point.

This Quick painting I had trouble with. But learning perspectives between light. As I have much to learn and practise on. As I well develope more of these Landscapes in Photoshop. I wanted to give the background for the second image a foggy atmosphere. Make the foreground temple stand at more.

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  1. Hey Amrit - it's good to hear you're beginning to feel more in control with digital painting technique. The boring advice is 'keep at it'. I think you should consider typing what you want to say on a blog post into Word first - to check your spelling. It's obvious you struggle with your spelling - and you're not alone - but you need to think realistically about the impression your spelling makes 'out there'. Like it or not, the world makes snap judgements about people on their spelling and punctuation (in business letters, job applications, CVs etc it can mean the difference between getting short-listed for a job or not). Although it's going to slow you down a bit, I want you to build in time to get what you want to say ready and polished for the public realm. Spelling is important, Amrit - you need to fight to improve yours.