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Review of Alien

Fig 1 Alien Poster

Fig 2. Alien Final Form

Fig 3 spacecraft Crew

Alien is a horror science-fiction film created by Ridley Scott. It’s known for its horrible hugging creatures that hug you keep you alive until you have an alien bursting at your stomach. Which Alien is much of a gory film. It starts with a group of people in space woken up from hibernation. Then there mother machine tells them there is stress signal in a nearby planet. This is where the fun begins and strange things start to happen.
“But realise too late that it’s in fact a warning to stay away. They uncover a huge store of eggs discovered alongside a body of an unidentified alien.” (film4) this was highly unexpected really as for they are just going to a planet to explore. But they have a nice surprise what they find with all these eggs in a spaceship. Then the group of space members see a alien Skelton. Which they know something has been here. As they see all bones. Its shows a great angle where one the group members are looking at the egg and you see an unusual organism moving around. Then see it open. After just a while it attacks the human. This was quite frightening. In these points of the film there are a lot of scares.
“You know the sort of stuff I mean — the shots of blinking instrument panels, of wildly bleeping computers, of cryptic messages clattering in square type-faces across television screens.” (Vincent Canby)  These things you see are all in the beginning with its computers cryptic messages. These indicate as a start of something happening. Which in Alien you have a new opening to a scene. As these types of computer technology images are just a way of something extraordinary is going to happen. Which Lead to a new scene.
“Also! How an always-changing creature is even scarier”. (Scott Weinberg). This is quite an interesting as there is a change of course with Alien. Where from when it’s small it’s a baby sperm organism. But as it changes it develops even scarier and creepy.  Alien has a long head that’s extended and with sharp knifed teeth. As it develops creatively it’s got two mouths. Where in certain scenes of Alien it pounces its victims, which is quite horrific and bloody.  Another thing is Alien has got an acid sting inside its body. It has a volume of acid that is stored in its body only chopped you have acid pouring at.  
List of illustrations:
Fig 1 Alien Poster
Fig 3 The Crew
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  1. Hey Amrit,

    Listen, you need to start thinking in a more sophisticated way about the films we're watching. You have a very descriptive style - in which you largely just tell me what I know about this film already - what happens in it. This isn't a review, Amrit - not in critical terms. I want you to revise this review before you attempt another in which you discuss the ideas behind the production design of the film and the alien designs by HR Giger. Yes, you have 3 quotes, but the quotes you're choosing are again, descriptive. I want you to add in an additional paragraph in which you discuss some of the ideas people have written about the 'meaning' of the production design and its contribution to the movie.