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Review of Avatar

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Avatar is a spectacular film about a ex-marine who is replaced by his brother. As Jakes brother was killed. Jake then is gone into a new world called Pandora. A colourful jungle and a thrilling world to wonder. Where Jake is moved to this planet Pandora. Jake has not seen before. He adapts when he is exploring the jungle with his group. Soon gets chased by a well created jaguar creature. Then now is left behind by the crew. Jake finds that he’s in trouble as all these types of creatures around want him for meat. Then later in the film Jake is saved by a slim slender creature called Neytiri.  This is where all the fun starts and the film get into gear.

“From the epic – a floating mountain range in the sky, waterfalls cascading into nothingness” (Chris Hewitt)When seeing this for the first time, mind blown by the creativeness of seeing mountains floating with waterfalls going down them then evaporating in the lush air of Pandora.  This was very imaginable; it shows the concept side of how creative the team of workers made the special effects worked. This made it e realistic as possible. As to act that you are actually there in the movie. As the film overall is wild with its crisp detail and imagination behind it all.

“It’s hard to fault ‘Avatar’ as an immersive visual experience. Pandora and its luridly coloured inhabitants are beautifully designed, though none of this ever feels remotely real. But this was supposed to be the movie that changed the face of filmmaking forever.” (Tom Huddleston) Avatar is a film that is fully active with its visual effects and that shows a great taste of its lush landscapes and backgrounds. But looking at it in a perspective it don’t seem as real remotely because it does not show a realistic approach to the look of the bodies. As really it just looks much like a fairy tale with a bit of romance. What back this film up the most are the fantastic visual effects.  As Avatar is the change of film.  It is as much of changing movies in a wider approach to being creative.

“They also have shimmery skin and pale tiger stripes. They wear their hair in long braids that end in a cluster of tentacles with nerve endings; these anemones can be plugged into the tails of various forest creatures, forming a kind of natural circuit.” (Stephanie Zacharek) This shows that Cameron looks at animals as idea because it appears that in the film using your tail to be connected to another animal is really impressive. It’s opening your mind to being in a animals body, showing life style as much as a avatar one.  Also the creative costumes are as a human but they are more starched and the hair looks like braids. So the avatars have human features.

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Fig 1 Poster
Fig 2 ‘Jake’
Fig 3 Avatar Characters
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