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Review of Don't Look Now

FIg 1 Poster

Fig 1 John And Daughter

John and Laura Baxter are living in Venice when they meet two elderly sisters, one of whom claims to be psychic. She says that she sees the spirit of the Baxter’s' daughter, who recently drowned. Laura is intrigued as John is non-resisted to the physic woman. Soon he starts to see his daughter wearing a red cloak.

“The film opens with an agonizing sequence in England when their five-year-old daughter drowns in a nearby pond, a fact that John senses without questioning why.” (Canby) This takes a vast seen in the start that John senses his daughter drowning. John’s mind is warped telling him his daughter is in danger.  A vision from instinct John can see but not his wife Laura.  This leads to the unexpected and what is going to happen next. During the film there is a lot of possession do to Laura so egger to find at about her dead daughter if she is okay.  The film has a disturbing uncanny effect. More or less in the film it’s spot on being as dreadful as the supernatural feeling is out stretched.

“He glimpses a flash of a small figure in a crimson hooded slicker” (Putman) As Johns mind is playing tricks on him, and Laura just thinks that he is mad. As following to the path there is no one to be seen.  This is very linked to the familiar as its shows the person a vision which is only familiar to what we have seen in the past. It’s just like a train it takes the past and travels into the future what brings back the mad memory’s which the mind is still dwelling on. 

“Mounting anxiety. It concerns the supernatural and has an eerie, dreadful power”. (Cocks)In the film of ‘Don’t Look Now’ there is a lot of anxiety as such it plays with the mind and makes it wonder. But the film has a dreadful atmosphere to making you lost. As pointing a person to the wrong direction. It’s giving the person a false sense of awareness.  The film has a dark power to the connection of something evil and regrettable.    
List of Illustrations:
Fig 1 Poster
Fig 2 John and Daughter
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Dustin Putman (2008) ‘DP’
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  1. 'The film has a dark power to the connection of something evil and regrettable.'

    Indeed it does! I know it's hardly an easy movie - and it was a struggle for some of you, but this is solid review, Amrit - but you're not referencing correctly! Please consult the 'Rough Guide' - and please, keep working with Tracey - you need the support and you'll improve if you access it.