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Review of Edward Scissorhands

Fig 1 Poster

Fig 2 Edward and Kim

Tim Burton’s Edward Scissors hands is about a creative inventor that creates a youth called Edward scissor hands, but the fact that he has scissors as hands. As this is a strange concept to Freddy Kruger just the good looking version.  Edward is changing places gone into another world where it’s vibrant and colourful atmosphere dwells.  Where this is quiet the 70’s look. But landscape it is neat clean cut. But on the other side to the neighbours it shows a haunted castle up a hill. As this is mostly the interesting part of the film.  

As it’s got a lot of judge of character to show what lies in the dark mysterious castle that all the neighbours act as this don’t exist. Within the film Edward has come across a girl called Kim Boggs that is beautiful and he adores this tells the story of Edward Scissors hands.

“Edward sports an astonishing pair of hands - five-fingered, foot long blades that render him either lethal or extraordinarily skillful. Edward becomes an instant celeb who amuses them by artistically pruning their hedges, their dogs”.  {Staff} It’s interesting that Edward is all open in arms by showing his creative side by using his scissors hands for great use. That having a wonderful mind by being artistic showing that as much as he is a strange figure he adds up for his unique style. Edward is trimming away at dogs and the lady’s.  

“The production design is the central good idea; it involves bright colours in unlikely combinations, for instance, a lavender-suited Avon lady driving a dandelion-yellow car.” (Janet Maslin) The film shows a combination of colour with the buildings being very bold, flat as every house in the film is all the same.  Colours are all bright yellow and there all symbolise the 70’s as the decade was evolving of bright bold colours in the period of the 1970’s. This shows Burtons style of his creative imagination was opened in a different approach.

“Depp's gentle performance gives new dimension to the old Frankenstein monster, allowing for a more human connection”. (Chris Cabin) Well as Frankenstein is more a hard on character a bit dangerous as Edward is a calm and gentle character that is loving, lonely and caring. As he shows a lot of love towards Kim when he see her in photo he has a warm smile to show. Gleaming at her for the first time and scaring her when Kim goes to room in the dark she is frightened. Later in the story she sees the kind heartedness of Edward and begins to care for him as this brings them together in the end.

List of illustrations:
Fig 1 Poster
Fig 2 Edward and Kim
(Maslin 1990) Tomatoes.

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