Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Review of the legends.

Fig 1. Darkness

Fig 2. Jack and Lii.

Legend is a beautifully staged and costumed fantasy is about a fierce warrior young Jack (Tom Cruise) and his lady love Princess Lili (Mia Sara), As young jack battles to save the world from darkness (Tim Curry) to save the Princess.

“Earth itself is a sylvan place, filled with flowers and little glades and grassy clearings - but also with dread swamps and moldy fens”. (Ebert 1986) What’s really interesting is that earth is really nice as it has likeness of nature, fields of flowers bright lust of sunshine. This could resemble heaven in the form of its light taking over the darkness. But landscapes such as the swamp are really amusing because they have a great mysterious look to the over all landscape. Having to watch the film and focusing on the landscape this showed a lot of the story, because it made the character’s stand at more.

“The true highlight of the film is Tim Curry’s performance as Darkness. A magnificent, satanic figure (in another fantastic Rob Bottin makeup), Curry’s dark lord captures the larger-than-life mythic tone better than anything else in the movie, emerging as a memorable portrait of evil”. (Steve Blodrowski, 2009) Tim curry paying the character of darkness is really astounding. With the voice what gave him the really horrific atmosphere. The look of the make up is really impressive, from the really huge horns and the strong masculine figure that gives him the slight edge of effectiveness. The bright red costume gives the very scare in your face look. This character was the strongest appeal in the movie.

“Scott is a master at creating a world that looks lived in. Sometimes he even does it to excess (sorry--Alien)”. (Widge 2005) The creation of the film legend shows a lot of dark and field like environments. As the influences of nature draws the audience into the film. With the stunning landscapes flowers and trees. Unicorns that were the very fantasy as the look of these mystical creatures looked heavenly, they bought at the scene and opened up the role-play of the film.    

List of illustrations:

Fig 1. Darkness poster

Fig 2. Jack and lii


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