Tuesday, 1 November 2011

'She' sketches.

These images are related to temples and sanctuary. They are linked to the book 'She'. the sketches are front view of huge temples with a leading stair pathway. this fices it a distance effect. Also the book relates on open space green lanscapes, temples, ruined cites and chambers.   

The images you see above are four sketches in one. But though these are quiet detailed they meant to be just thumbnails. The image focuses on pathways to hidden temples deep within mountains. This gives the overall image a mysterious effect. These images are relating to roman and Egypt architecture. Also my other reference is two games they are uncharted and god of war. Picking these was because of the landscapes, that was most interest to me. 


  1. I really like drawing number 2. I think the idea of the structured temple on the unstable ground works well :) The bridge fits in well too. I'm going to put my sketches and mind maps on the blog tomorrow, so you'll be able to see what I've done so far

  2. I've been doing some research on temples and thought these images might be helpful:








  3. Hey Amrit - don't forget to keep looking at real world reference. You need to root your ideas in existing architecture/geography - if only so you can exaggerate and extend with a clear view. It's not enough to simply draw out of your head - you need to get on with some visual research too. I want to see too how you've broken down your text excerpts and how you've identified your visual direction.