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Review of Suspiria

Fig 1 Poster

Fig 2 'Suzy'

A young American dancer travels to Europe to join a famous ballet school. As she arrives, the camera turns to another young woman, who appears to be fleeing from the school. She returns to her apartment where she is gruesomely murdered by a hideous creature. Meanwhile, the young American is trying to settle in at the ballet school, but hears strange noises and is troubled by bizarre occurrences.

“With his sharp eye for the bizarre and for vulgar over-decoration.” (SM 1976) The decorations seems to be over exaggerated because how bold the colours of the interior are. But one thing that the decorations give is a lot of atmosphere and depth towards the character to Suzy. Which Suzy is disturbed with all the drama and horror of the leader of the school.  Colours are very basic which form an understanding of clear design.  Also the lighting that reflects every time it comes to something interesting or it shows fear and uncanny.  Meaning of uncanny is towards the environment.

“The plot, as transparent as the pane of glass that slices up the movie's first victim, is intentionally ridiculous.” (Maslin 1977) Seeing this women get sliced by the glass above is really silly because.  The first person dies from the glass above. In suspiria it shows the victim lying dead on the floor where the glass is in the centre of the head. Doesn’t make any sense Shows there weren’t much thought into the film. Really bizarre as it seems if the maker run at of ideas.  It’s more of a laugh and wasn’t frightening at all. When someone dies it should be more realistic and has to be seen in film.

“Suzy eventually discovers that the school’s teachers are a coven, led by a legendary “Black Queen”. She kills the ancient hag, the coven’s power is broken, and the Academy is wiped clean by flames.” (Berriman 1977) when Suzy runs at of the school and the building burns and telling that the evil witch is blown to bits and everything she has blown up when Suzy is running for her life. This shows there is black magic and which use in the film.  But she is an evil witch that may want to control the school. Probably if the head mistress actually succeeded she may of control the over school.  Has much of an uncanny effect as it’s always something that is familiar to someone such as Suzy.  Suzy figures at the plot the head mistress is targeting to kill her.

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Fig 1 Poster  
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Unit 3 Development Thumbnails

The images I like is number 25, as it's a narrow perspective is uncanny like. 
This I found interesting and has great depth.  Some of these images are taken in my house as stair ways and attics I found scary and show a dark atmosphere.

What I like is the idea of a hill wth mirrors around the park. but in some images I have skecthed there isnot reflection of the mirror. So I am coming arocss a uncanny idea. which I found this may have some uncanny symbolism.

Park ways with lamp posts in a perspective and the boldness of the mirror which gives a strange uncanny effect, to the environment.  As I am still working on a solid design that well work.  I hope won’t be so over complicated, to design on Maya which at the moment is my main concern.  I may do some more thumbnails as an addition. 

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@Phill Unit 1 Submission of Essay

Unit 1 Essay Assignment Completed 2011. Sky

@Alan Submission Maya


Magnifying Glass



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@Phill Subission Final Portrait

Unit 1 Anatomy Final Portait

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Unit 3 OGR 2011 Completed

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@phil Unit 1 Essay

Unit 1 Essay Assignment Completed

Review of The Wicker Man

Fig 1 Poster

Fig 2 Group of Naked Girls

A police officer investigating the disappearance of a young girl comes into the unusual residents of a secluded Scottish isle in this unsettling, intelligent chiller. Brought to the island of Summer isle by an anonymous letter, Edward Woodward's constable is surprised to discover that the island's population suspiciously denies the missing girl's very existence. Even more shocking, the island is ruled by a libertarian society. The film ‘The Wicker Man’ is a disturbing chiller that the society is much the killers of the film. As they play the police officer during the film. Mainly the religion is just wider and very possessive.

Part folk musical, part occult chiller, and quite mad.” (Robey 2007) This film shows a lot of madness indeed that the officer Sgt Neal Howle is looking for the girl Rowan Morrison. Which he cannot find. Expect that everyone living in this island is possessed with human sacrifice being the main phase to Howle doom, very much he’s being played during the film. When he is in a class and sees Rowans desk as he opens up the desk he sees a insect going round in circle. This is very much relating to him going round in a circle.  

Christian severity and pantheistic sensuality are the poles. The villagers teach children early about the resonance of phallic symbolism, enjoy sex and music and superstitions”. (Hardy 2007) It’s really strange in this film that young children learn the ways of sex so early and how they parade naked in a group which is very out of the ordinary. It’s funny that the villagers are very uptight in their culture. The villagers in the film are very superstitious. Its form of anxiety as this leads on to the jolliness of their fake identity when they first approach the officer, and very out of place as the villagers are all nice to him. As there is a catch and they are hiding something that they don’t want to share with the officer.  

Practicing neopagans, who embrace nature worship, believe in reincarnation.” (Greydanus 1973) The villagers seem to believe in reincarnation so when they die they live in tress anything that is relation to nature. As it’s a form of their religion and worship of what they believe in. it appears that in this film worship is strong but it’s as the leader of the villagers does not really believe in Jesus as he thinks the guy does the exist. As there is no such thing.  

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Fig 1 Poster ‘’

Fig 2  Group of Girls ‘’


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@Phil Unit 1 Submission

This is my larva Salamander.

This crocodile I choose for the pattern of cicles going across its body.

Images ten and twelve are my most interest. This shows a different approach to my last uuit 1 project.

The image in the bottom was the most interest to me, has a more in depth look to the detail of the face.   

Forty six is my choosen final design. this had a nice style of the face and the lintels which are related to my salamander animal. This has a graceful look then my other images.  

These are more different approaches to my final. 

Friday, 2 December 2011

Photoshop Texture's

These are images that I have spend experimenting on in lesson.