Monday, 5 December 2011

@Phil Unit 1 Submission

This is my larva Salamander.

This crocodile I choose for the pattern of cicles going across its body.

Images ten and twelve are my most interest. This shows a different approach to my last uuit 1 project.

The image in the bottom was the most interest to me, has a more in depth look to the detail of the face.   

Forty six is my choosen final design. this had a nice style of the face and the lintels which are related to my salamander animal. This has a graceful look then my other images.  

These are more different approaches to my final. 

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  1. Yes - I much prefer this sinuous, more beautiful approach, Amrit - there is something mythological and ancient about some of these designs. I look forward to the paint up - but remember - no 'last resort' backgrounds this time! ;)