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Review of The Wicker Man

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A police officer investigating the disappearance of a young girl comes into the unusual residents of a secluded Scottish isle in this unsettling, intelligent chiller. Brought to the island of Summer isle by an anonymous letter, Edward Woodward's constable is surprised to discover that the island's population suspiciously denies the missing girl's very existence. Even more shocking, the island is ruled by a libertarian society. The film ‘The Wicker Man’ is a disturbing chiller that the society is much the killers of the film. As they play the police officer during the film. Mainly the religion is just wider and very possessive.

Part folk musical, part occult chiller, and quite mad.” (Robey 2007) This film shows a lot of madness indeed that the officer Sgt Neal Howle is looking for the girl Rowan Morrison. Which he cannot find. Expect that everyone living in this island is possessed with human sacrifice being the main phase to Howle doom, very much he’s being played during the film. When he is in a class and sees Rowans desk as he opens up the desk he sees a insect going round in circle. This is very much relating to him going round in a circle.  

Christian severity and pantheistic sensuality are the poles. The villagers teach children early about the resonance of phallic symbolism, enjoy sex and music and superstitions”. (Hardy 2007) It’s really strange in this film that young children learn the ways of sex so early and how they parade naked in a group which is very out of the ordinary. It’s funny that the villagers are very uptight in their culture. The villagers in the film are very superstitious. Its form of anxiety as this leads on to the jolliness of their fake identity when they first approach the officer, and very out of place as the villagers are all nice to him. As there is a catch and they are hiding something that they don’t want to share with the officer.  

Practicing neopagans, who embrace nature worship, believe in reincarnation.” (Greydanus 1973) The villagers seem to believe in reincarnation so when they die they live in tress anything that is relation to nature. As it’s a form of their religion and worship of what they believe in. it appears that in this film worship is strong but it’s as the leader of the villagers does not really believe in Jesus as he thinks the guy does the exist. As there is no such thing.  

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