Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Unit 3 Development Thumbnails

The images I like is number 25, as it's a narrow perspective is uncanny like. 
This I found interesting and has great depth.  Some of these images are taken in my house as stair ways and attics I found scary and show a dark atmosphere.

What I like is the idea of a hill wth mirrors around the park. but in some images I have skecthed there isnot reflection of the mirror. So I am coming arocss a uncanny idea. which I found this may have some uncanny symbolism.

Park ways with lamp posts in a perspective and the boldness of the mirror which gives a strange uncanny effect, to the environment.  As I am still working on a solid design that well work.  I hope won’t be so over complicated, to design on Maya which at the moment is my main concern.  I may do some more thumbnails as an addition. 

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