Thursday, 12 January 2012

Review of Blue Velvet

Fig 1 Poster of Blue Velvet

Fig 2 Jeffery in closet

A young man returns to his home town after being away and discovers a severed human ear in a field. Not satisfied with the police's pace, he and the police detective's daughter carry out their own investigation. The object of his investigation turns out to be a beautiful and mysterious woman involved with a violent evil man.

There’s a strange mix of comfort and beauty with terror and awfulness.” (Carr)  The beautiful singer Sandy is strangely disturbed.  Sandy sees Jeffery in the wardrobe. Soon after engages in killing the guy with a knife. After makes love to him after. Really Blue Velvet really doesn’t make any sense. Realistic in life when you see a random person in your room you won’t just get angry then make love to the Peron. You would run for your life screaming.  The saddest thing is watching women like Sandy getting raped. After being punched in the face. As this all comes down to Frank a horrible evil man who is perverted to the core.  Also you have Dorothy a very sweet innocent girl. Who really knows what she is getting into? Which is trouble really is Jeffery.  After saying what she knows some details about the ear.  What is funny is how both Jeffery and Dorothy are really nice people as their main issue is to solve this investigation together.  Strange that Jeffery and Dorothy get along. Jeffery is one of them people who are determined to investigate further where Dorothy is not so sure and really she doesn’t want anything to do with it. It seems that Jeffery is very possessive.  It means that Jeffery has a strong badness about him. 

Each interwoven thread of musical and vocal track and dream/effects sound is kept in the same”. (Christly 2011) The music is old fashioned and seems to be dated in the 50s. What points at are the old looking cars and the song blue Velvet that is played so many times in the film. The music is very calm and gives you a happy feeling and is very calm and tender. Until things go ugly the music has a strong feeling where you know something awful is going to happen.   Also the use of primary colours used, this could mean it’s just being plain and simple towards colour. It’s funny in the end when the music comes in and the cameras view is towards the character of the film and gradually moves in directly to the sky. It has some meaning that it leads to a nice happy ending.  When Jeffery and Sandy are having sex Jeff hits Sandy, then a flame keeps appearing could be seduction kind of feeling. Maybe might have a meaning.
“It more or less seems to be taking place in the present day, but it mashes together elements from several eras.” (Hanke 2010) The film blue velvet is set in different eras.  It has the old 50s style and the modern day of the present.  It is strange that it’s been put in this way.  To have a disturbing effect to make the audience, have a different angle of what is happening.  The camera work is shot in a perspective where there is more than one story and it changes to make the film more interesting.  In this film there are a lot of mind games, the story of Sandy is sad. But near the end of the film Sandy is hugging her kid. This means it ends nicely as she got what she wanted.

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Fig 1 Poster of Blue Velvet
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Fig 2 Jeffery in Closet
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  1. Just reading some of your reviews, maybe you should try using comers to brake up you sentence instead of full stops. This will help you to make more sense of what you are writing. For example (Sandy sees Jeffery in the wardrobe. Soon after engages in killing the guy with a knife. After makes love to him after. Really Blue Velvet really doesn’t make any sense. ) This seems more like sharp statements instead of a structured sentence. Here you should really expand so it is not so jumpy, like saying what happens once she spots him. She gets him to up dress and takes control with the knife like when the man takes control of her and has sex with her.

    Also try to back up what you are saying instead of just stating something, state why this is so. For example (The beautiful singer Sandy is strangely disturbed.) say why she seems disturbed. This will help you with understanding and allows the reader to back better sense of what your trying to get across.

    I just point this out as I too struggle with the writing side of things and these are some things I have had to change about my own work so I hope this helps.

  2. This is some great advice from Mike, Amrit - and very generous of him too. Also - the singers name is Dorothy, not Sandy...