Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Thumbnails 46-54

Images 46,47,48 are the most interesting to me. But the image I really like to do is number 18.
The problem is modeling the tree which I haven't got a clue about really.   


  1. personally, I like number 50! Not sure if it's your intention to have that very pronounced distortion of your buildings, but the toony feel is going to work against the uncanny vibe.

  2. Hey Amrit, sorry I haven't commented until now. I too like no. 50. Mainly the strangeness in the half open doors. I would say, however, that the doors are the opposite to each other, but this could be what you had intended and adds to the strangeness. Also, you should be careful with broken mirrors, because if you plan on putting fragments down it creates more issues than necessary.