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@phill Eye Problem

Hi Phill.

I have been to the doctors in the afternoon. My eye has a spot on the surface  This is preventing me from working. I can try and manage to work at the moment. I would be happy if you can give me a extension.


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lighthouse Influence

I like this one for its strutureand pattern.

This one is interesting for its peak and windows.

Story Board The fisherman and The Juggler

Life Drawing

These images are about distortion and are about different  perspectives of close up. I started with drawing the body. After the body becomes smaller drawing away.


Quick sketches That I started with.

Character Chosen.

The image four I choose and that is my fisherman. 

The image on the top right corner I also picked.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Unit Thumbnails

The image above is sketches of lighthouses. the lighthouse I found a nice one is 2 and 3.  

These are sketches hat resemble to a tampoline.
An object that has the ablity to jump in a vertical postion.  

Number 2 is the one I like. I tryed to create different type of  jugglers big and small in height.
Also to make the appearnace more bolder.

These are my main character development ideas.
At the moment number one and 2 is the ones I perfer. 

This is a swordfish doing different angles of the fish to get a better understanding of the swordfish.  

These are tents in differnt apperances. Trying to work at what type the cicus tent that would be the right one.
All in development.

Different type of fishing rods. Which I'm designing.
 Just to see what my character well be using in the scene.

These are skeches that I first started with from my first story now it's changed.
Some of the faces can still be used.

The sketches are developed characters for my fisherman.
I do like number 2 as I can develope this more. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Review of Vertigo

Fig 1: Vertigo Poster

A San Francisco detective Johnny is suffering from acrophobia. Investigates the strange activities of an old friend's wife, all the while becoming dangerously obsessed with her. In the film vertigo causes the thrills and spills of Vertigo.

How Johnny changes his women is a bit strange. Johnny is an obsessed individual. “To fall for her himself and then crack up when she commits suicide. Then one day he sees a woman in the street who reminds him of the woman who haunts him.” (Timeout) it’s very strange how Johnny stares at the women Madeline during the start of the movie. How the suspense builds up when Johnny is in the same street as Madeline. As it is a big build up. In one particular scene Johnny witness her succeeding herself by jumping in the river. Then Johnny saves him. This part of the film was unexpected and was of a shock. Also the camera shots used in the film vertigo is when Madeline walks away from Johnny and then her behind a tree. Just the thought of imagining Madeline climbing up the tree then then Johnny would save the day. Maybe as Johnny is acrophobia this is what causes a lot of the dilemma in the film. Which for Johnny it’s a disadvantage.

Fig 2: Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock always goes for the blondes. Ebert states “The female characters in his films reflected the same qualities over and over again: They were blond. They were icy and remote.” (Ebert) the female characters are all blonde, the reason for this is because blondes gave the overall scenes a coherent dramatic effect to the overall film. The blondes are quite striking in all of Alfred Hitchcock’s films because it does bring at the suspense and they play the part well. Which is best suited for the film. They have great qualities and not only for their good looks. Blondes bring at the crowd such as Madeline and Judy though played by both characters reflect to these thrilling dramas and slashes. As films created by Hitchcock he sure knows how to build the suspense though in this vertigo it did take long to get in the action. Also it seems as there were more chatting then actual action scenes taking place.  

Johnny in Vertigo is very obsessed with Judy. Weber states “Perverse, poetic, steeped in emotional desolation and destructive obsession.” (Weber) It shows how Johnny reacted when witnessing Madeline falling down the church through the window. But after her death Johnny later sees a woman that looks just like her. Then this leads onto them talking and randomly Johnny asks questions where she lives what’s your name?  Is only obsessed with this woman for the looks of Madeline and this is what consumes him. Which the obsession builds up until the point of the dresses when Judy likes the 2 dress. Johnny doesn’t and it’s strange that he knows pacifically what dress he is looking for and at this point Judy can notice. So the pressure is building up for Judy and Johnny. Leading for the mad ending when is like Johnny is losing his mind when he drags Judy up into the church where Madeline died. Only when they reach the top of the church Judy sees a shadow Judy falls through the window. At this point the camera view of this is quick. Just like a blink of an eye then she is gone.   All the suspense build at that very moment which was a very big build up.

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Unit 4 refined Story and Script

It starts of a lonely fisherman Gary living in a lighthouse. As Gary goes out to fish in the afternoon.  Forgetting his keys in the lighthouse he then finds help from a juggler as there is a nearby circus down the road. This is when Gary and the juggler find ways to get in to the lighthouse.   
The fisher man and the Juggler
Overview of the lighthouse and circus is nearby down the road
Camera zooming in to a window
Gary getting ready to go out to fish
Leaves the house
Realises he left the key
(Angry) jumps around
Gary realises that the circus is near by
Gary approaches the circus tent
Then he sees a juggler training
Gary tells the juggler ‘mate can you help me. I’m locked at my house’
Juggler replies ’yeah sure mate wait I have got a dingy’
Gary (laughs) and says ‘yeah that may work’
They both head towards the lighthouse
 Juggler says ‘This well be fun here’s the dingy’
Gary says ‘I hope this ends well’
Gary starts to bounce up and down. Gary goes high up in the air. But then (falls)
The Juggler (laughs)
Gary replies ‘I have an idea why don’t we fish’
Juggler says ‘ok let’s give it a shot’
Gary starts to fish (times passes by)
The fish rode (moves) Gary holds tight, the juggler helps and pulls back together
A swordfish fly’s out of the sea into the boat (both stunned)
The juggler then grabs and heads it to the lighthouse.
Gary says ‘What are you going to do with it’
Juggler says ‘Wait and see’
Juggler then throws it at the door aiming at the keyhole
It then reflects and the swordfish heads straight for Gary and the juggler (both stunned)
The swordfish enters into Gary’s mouth. (Gary falls)
Juggler says ‘damn’ (takes at the swordfish from Gary’s mouth)
Gary then says ‘I know what I want to be a sword swallower’
(Screen fades)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling OGR Part 1

Unit 4 OGR Presentation.1 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Character Faces and Poses

These are different faces trying to establish. The ones I like at the moment is 2 is more of a down to earth character where 11 is a bit serious looking. 

These are just poses that I am working on and trying to see what works.

life Drawing

Thursday, 9 February 2012

@Phill Unit 2 Thor Essay

Unit 2 Essay 2012 Thor Completed.1

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Review of Rope

Fig 1 Hitchcock Rope Poster

Two young men Philip and Brandon strangle their "inferior" classmate, hide his body in their apartment, and invite his friends and family to a dinner party as a means to challenge the "perfection" of their crime. Which David is put in a chest as they party? This is very terrifyingly strange and disturbing. As how well Philip and Brandon commence with the party and deal with the tension directed to the chest.

Fig 2 Rope

The great use of camera shots directed of the characters. This uses the space of breaks. Canby, a writer states “However, his obsession with telling a story without resorting to the usual methods of montage, and without cutting from one shot to another, results in a film of unusual, fascinating technical facility, whose chilliness almost perfectly suits the subject.”(Canby 1984) the great technique that Hitchcock uses is taking the idea that zooming in the back of the character was only the time of the breaks thee characters in the film had. So being able to not use montage and create a film without any breaks.  But the whole perfect idea of the camera not stopping is great use of techniques. The drama and twist of the secret that Philip and Brandon are hiding is chilling and lifts the tension and suspense in the air.    

Brandon’s is very witty but is very insane. Which he finds killing someone a great thing to do? Schwartz, a writer states “The murder for the thrill of it pleases Brandon a great deal, as he views his insane act as a work of art; while Phillip reacts with fright and begins to come apart as the evening wears on.”(Schwartz 2008) Brandon’s character as he plays a part where using his intelligent mind to kill David and act like its winning a gold medal. That insanely it’s a great thing to do. Brandon finds it a work of art. Truly he’s a psycho and Philip is shocked to really understand what he has done. As the night wears on Philips drinking so much loses his mind more when he can’t take it when Rupert asks him questions. He always raises his voice. This causes a scene. As Brandon many times tells him to relax and watch what you say. But Philip can’t take much of all the lies.  The point of this scene shows a lot of build-up to Philip losing his mind. In the end doesn’t pay off.

The start as the camera leads on to the drawn curtains is a different approach. Croce a writer, states “The opening camera setup, looking down at the street before panning left to the outside of the pair's window, the killing taking place inside obscured by drawn curtains, shows not just the director's awareness of the small space separating life and death, but also how much of it he is allowed to show.” (Croce 2006) leads to the drawn curtains and an opening scene of David being strangled by a rope is a strange way of someone dying straight away. So it’s like going straight into the story of Rope. The interesting thing is the whole film is set in one room. So the tension is drawn to the room, but also to the chest so this is the chilling effect of the film leading to one place.  All the evolvement is linked to that one thing what the story is consisted to.  The director’s awareness is showing separateness of life and death. Also is giving the direct point to an early death to be unexpected. With draws on to the start of the story.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Review of Psycho

Fig 1 Psycho Movie Poster

Fig 2: Lila

A young woman steals $40,000 from her employer's client, and subsequently encounters a young motel owner too long under the domination of his mother. But what lies in this film is from the owner of the motel. As it’s like he’s playing another role.  In this it’s not just based on one thing it’s on a whole of dramas which brings at suspense of the overall film.  

It shows that psycho is a film that is full of suspense of what happens next and it’s like a ride full of unexpected scares. “It offers perfect case studies of suspense, paranoia and montage for lazy film-studies tutors.” (Jenkins 2010) In the film psycho there is a lot of suspense. So in the beginning of Psycho. It starts a scene where Lila steals 40,000 dollars and instead of banking it. She runs away and as she is in the car. The volume of music the strong scary daggering sound that makes the suspense builds up. As this sound of the music shows, how the filming connects to what Lila has done. As she has a panicking feeling it’s like she is in a world of her own paranoia.  The use of montage in the beginning of the film shows the different sense of visual effects used from the creators of the film. This gives the dissolving effects a great approach to the start of psycho.

The shower scene brings a whole load of scare and is a beginner slasher. “The famous shower scene never shows the knife touching flesh, but it's still terrifying.” (Wenk) The famous shower scene is when the women in a shower being knifed to death in the motel. Yes even though there is no scene where your see the knife touching the flesh. It is still very terrifying and is very well montaged and is displayed, in the level of format of the time of its making in the 1960’s. Which film director Alfred Hitchcock becomes famous for not just this scene but the film. But it also brings at a lot of tension as who is the mysterious killer. As in Psycho the killer is hidden and is not shown until the end of the film.  What is interesting is how the blood goes down the body and is filmed into the drain and then the camera is set zooming in as it changes to a different scene. This was a nice touch to the overall shower scene. This gave it a dramatic effect.

 The scene of both characters how the short stare is very tense. “Those few seconds, brilliantly economical and tense, are simply more psychologically convincing and real than anything else in this baroque, inspired shocker.”(Bradshaw 2010) Lila sees her boss on the walk way. As she is shocked and panicking but yet smiles at her boss. Then one slight change in seconds he gives her a funny look to say ‘shouldn’t you meant to bank my client’s money’. Which is a total suspense leading on to the point of Lila’s stare at her boss. This does build up the excitement. But she is caught but in some way she is playing it clever not to give anything away and ends up getting away from it. But it is brilliantly done and shows a very tense scene of both of the characters.        

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Sunday, 5 February 2012


The things I am aimng to do is look at a visual concept where I can fit all 3 pieces togeather.
As I am struggling to make sense of this scene. is what I am trying to figure at. I well make more developments to brainstorming. Also I well start to sketch when I have some ideas.which I can show.