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Review of Psycho

Fig 1 Psycho Movie Poster

Fig 2: Lila

A young woman steals $40,000 from her employer's client, and subsequently encounters a young motel owner too long under the domination of his mother. But what lies in this film is from the owner of the motel. As it’s like he’s playing another role.  In this it’s not just based on one thing it’s on a whole of dramas which brings at suspense of the overall film.  

It shows that psycho is a film that is full of suspense of what happens next and it’s like a ride full of unexpected scares. “It offers perfect case studies of suspense, paranoia and montage for lazy film-studies tutors.” (Jenkins 2010) In the film psycho there is a lot of suspense. So in the beginning of Psycho. It starts a scene where Lila steals 40,000 dollars and instead of banking it. She runs away and as she is in the car. The volume of music the strong scary daggering sound that makes the suspense builds up. As this sound of the music shows, how the filming connects to what Lila has done. As she has a panicking feeling it’s like she is in a world of her own paranoia.  The use of montage in the beginning of the film shows the different sense of visual effects used from the creators of the film. This gives the dissolving effects a great approach to the start of psycho.

The shower scene brings a whole load of scare and is a beginner slasher. “The famous shower scene never shows the knife touching flesh, but it's still terrifying.” (Wenk) The famous shower scene is when the women in a shower being knifed to death in the motel. Yes even though there is no scene where your see the knife touching the flesh. It is still very terrifying and is very well montaged and is displayed, in the level of format of the time of its making in the 1960’s. Which film director Alfred Hitchcock becomes famous for not just this scene but the film. But it also brings at a lot of tension as who is the mysterious killer. As in Psycho the killer is hidden and is not shown until the end of the film.  What is interesting is how the blood goes down the body and is filmed into the drain and then the camera is set zooming in as it changes to a different scene. This was a nice touch to the overall shower scene. This gave it a dramatic effect.

 The scene of both characters how the short stare is very tense. “Those few seconds, brilliantly economical and tense, are simply more psychologically convincing and real than anything else in this baroque, inspired shocker.”(Bradshaw 2010) Lila sees her boss on the walk way. As she is shocked and panicking but yet smiles at her boss. Then one slight change in seconds he gives her a funny look to say ‘shouldn’t you meant to bank my client’s money’. Which is a total suspense leading on to the point of Lila’s stare at her boss. This does build up the excitement. But she is caught but in some way she is playing it clever not to give anything away and ends up getting away from it. But it is brilliantly done and shows a very tense scene of both of the characters.        

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