Saturday, 18 February 2012

Unit 4 refined Story and Script

It starts of a lonely fisherman Gary living in a lighthouse. As Gary goes out to fish in the afternoon.  Forgetting his keys in the lighthouse he then finds help from a juggler as there is a nearby circus down the road. This is when Gary and the juggler find ways to get in to the lighthouse.   
The fisher man and the Juggler
Overview of the lighthouse and circus is nearby down the road
Camera zooming in to a window
Gary getting ready to go out to fish
Leaves the house
Realises he left the key
(Angry) jumps around
Gary realises that the circus is near by
Gary approaches the circus tent
Then he sees a juggler training
Gary tells the juggler ‘mate can you help me. I’m locked at my house’
Juggler replies ’yeah sure mate wait I have got a dingy’
Gary (laughs) and says ‘yeah that may work’
They both head towards the lighthouse
 Juggler says ‘This well be fun here’s the dingy’
Gary says ‘I hope this ends well’
Gary starts to bounce up and down. Gary goes high up in the air. But then (falls)
The Juggler (laughs)
Gary replies ‘I have an idea why don’t we fish’
Juggler says ‘ok let’s give it a shot’
Gary starts to fish (times passes by)
The fish rode (moves) Gary holds tight, the juggler helps and pulls back together
A swordfish fly’s out of the sea into the boat (both stunned)
The juggler then grabs and heads it to the lighthouse.
Gary says ‘What are you going to do with it’
Juggler says ‘Wait and see’
Juggler then throws it at the door aiming at the keyhole
It then reflects and the swordfish heads straight for Gary and the juggler (both stunned)
The swordfish enters into Gary’s mouth. (Gary falls)
Juggler says ‘damn’ (takes at the swordfish from Gary’s mouth)
Gary then says ‘I know what I want to be a sword swallower’
(Screen fades)

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