Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Unit Thumbnails

The image above is sketches of lighthouses. the lighthouse I found a nice one is 2 and 3.  

These are sketches hat resemble to a tampoline.
An object that has the ablity to jump in a vertical postion.  

Number 2 is the one I like. I tryed to create different type of  jugglers big and small in height.
Also to make the appearnace more bolder.

These are my main character development ideas.
At the moment number one and 2 is the ones I perfer. 

This is a swordfish doing different angles of the fish to get a better understanding of the swordfish.  

These are tents in differnt apperances. Trying to work at what type the cicus tent that would be the right one.
All in development.

Different type of fishing rods. Which I'm designing.
 Just to see what my character well be using in the scene.

These are skeches that I first started with from my first story now it's changed.
Some of the faces can still be used.

The sketches are developed characters for my fisherman.
I do like number 2 as I can develope this more. 

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