Thursday, 15 March 2012

Chair Movement

I found these images in google. I wanted to find at chair movement. How would the chair move ? I think this is a really good approach.   


  1. Hey Amrit good research here, rather than drawing each frame of chair leg movement, you could just make it look quick and exaggerated with a few line strokes. Here's a lil' Tom and Jerry vid to show what I mean(and a lil' inspiration to help with your story?): (check 1:48)

    with the movement, its pretty much like a horse or some cat/ dog running. So you could have another look at those to see which way you think the chair would run. Good work!! :D

  2. As Joey says, the horse/dog/cat Edward Muybridge's horse walk cycle, or most of the animation books have got a dog or cat cycle in them.

  3. Okay I well check these up. May give me an idea.