Saturday, 10 March 2012

More Researching chairs

 The first image I can see that there is some faces.
Which I can use and take and idea of.

The second image is a front perspective. But where the arm rests are shows the shape of the eyes.
The chair stands give a nice shape to what the characters may look like.

The third one is interesting to me because of the wheels.
I may have an idea that the has an advantage to speed.  


  1. Good research there Amrit, looking forward to see your character designs!! :D

  2. Another thing Amrit, when I look at these I see age, both male and some female there. Its good to see you thinking about faces ect but also look into each one, what dues it feel like to you when you look at it? But these 3 are really good as, as i said before I see age gaps between each of them and genders for each, this could help make your character have a personality? Keep it up! Have a nice day now!