Sunday, 25 March 2012

New sketches for Chair

The images I have done are created again but without the faces.
As told by Meg she said with the faces will put me off with the characters movement.

I am still working with the right movement. Useing the sense of  the nervous mood. One and two are images I do like. But I will go with out the handles an use the tall character to one of the story I will soon create.  


  1. YES Amrit!! loving number 4 and 5- shows the emotion really well!! I feel that the second set of images are more successful than the top, but I agree with leaving the handles out as they might cause some limits or restrictions to the chair movement.

    Really good development!! Keep it up!! :D

  2. I like the bottom two on the top sheet - they look a bit afraid like they might scuttle off.