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Profile of Jiri Barta

Fig 1: Jiri Barta

Jiri Barta was born 26 November 1948 is a Czech stop-motion animation director. Many of Barta films which used the medium of wood for animation, garnered critical acclaim and won many awards, but after the fall of the communist government in Czechoslovakia. Barta was unable to release anything for about 15 years a situation similar to that faced by Russian animator. In 2009 he made a puppet animated feature film and what was targeted at a children’s audience.  

Fig 2: In the Attic

Animated figures are more about real life environments. Rich states “He intersperses the animated figures with shots of real landscapes and time-lapse footage of the growth process within the woodland environment.”(Rich) Rich aims to animate the figures by making the overall environment more real so it’s best fitted to the figures. The woodland environment shows the real life look to lead on to the characters. The wood is a symbol to the whole concept. The time lapse footage is the amount of time of the whole footage and process of the environment as this is the main focus.

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Fig 2: In the Attic

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  1. Hi Amrit! Just a quick note to point out that your picture of Jiri Barta is not of the right person! This one you have put on is a cellist... :)