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Profile of Lotte Reiniger

Fig 1: Reiniger
Charlotte Reiniger was born in June 2, 1899 – June 19, 1981 was a German silhouette animator and film director. She was fascinated in puppetry and even could have put up live shows of the puppetry to her friends and family.
Reiniger was influenced by Bruno J. Böttge, Michel Ocelot who was evolved in some inventions towards Princes ET princesses. The silhouette books of illustrator Jan Pieńkowski was another influence from Reiniger and also had complex arrangements do to films.  

Fig 2: Aladdin and the Lamp

Aladdin and the lamp is an interesting film. Moritz states “A wonderful film full of charming comedy, lyrical romance, vigorous and exciting battles, eerie magic, and truly sinister, frightening evil.” (Moritz) This film is truly interesting because the way it has been made as a cut out story which the all the environments and sences is precisely stylised and brings at the quality.  It has mood and character definite a sense of comedy and magic. It is very twisted in some scenes.  This brings the story together. So this film is wounderful and is a different approach to a film. Which is a cut at.

The image above 'Aladdin and the lamp' is truly very interesting because of the dark colours used. It brings at the magic in this particular scene of the film. The aura which is glowing from the lamp is drawing you into the character’s approach to the lamp. The background is very faint but it tells you the distance and space of the area that it is very vast in size. This film is done very accurately.

List of illustrations:

Fig 1: Reiniger
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Fig 2: Reiniger
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William Moritz
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