Sunday, 25 March 2012

Unit 5: New script/ The Neurotic Chair

Unit 5 the Neurotic Chair. New Script.


  1. Hey Amrit, good development here. Like last time you can use sound effects to "show" people instead of drawing them. I think it would be better to show body language in your characters rather than giving them dialogue as it kinda spoils and gives the info to the audience. Besides, I think it'll look really interesting to see your chair panicking (which already shows your viewer that its panicking)rather than talking and maybe with the other chair it "pats" the nervous chair on the back (as a way of saying calm down). It will be hard giving them dialogue as you're gonna be drawing out their mouths moving and stuff and finding voice overs.

    Have another go at it Amrit, you're nearly there!! ;D

  2. Yh I may take the dialogue at. But keep to the story because Meg said to change the story from the door scene. That's when I add my new character.

  3. I agree with Joey, instead of voicing over lines like "why are you nervous" you need to show the chair being nervous, and panicky. I think that would be easier to draw rather than lip-sync.