Monday, 19 March 2012

Unit 5 OGR Part 2

Unit 5 OGR Part 2

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  1. OGR 20/03/2012

    Hi Amrit,

    Okay - I'm really not too sure about your story. It just seems super-brutal; let's put it another way; a frightened animal in a pet shop is scared by a customer, so it escapes out of the window and is crushed to death by an incoming truck... :(

    The idea of a chair being too neurotic to function as a chair (i.e. being scared of being sat on) is fine, but I think you should consider a character vs character structure - i.e. that someone is trying to coax the chair, soothe it, reassure it. This animation from Norman McLaren might inspire...

    Obviously, you don't want to be animating the human figure (that, after all, is not the point of the unit), but you could do it with a voice track - as if someone off camera is trying to calm the chair down, or coax it out from behind the sofa or something; again, some examples:

    I can't help noticing too Amrit that you're putting way too much detail into your backgrounds etc. Trust me, you need to strip out any detail in terms of environment that isn't essential to getting your story told - remember, you're going to have to draw all of it - over and over again... Just use the white space of the paper imaginatively - and if you need a prop etc. just have it appear where and when you need it.

    You seem a bit confused in regard to your written assignment; you appear to be discussing animation in general, when the brief asks you to discuss 'one notable animator and their work'... take another look at the brief and discuss with your creative partners, and see how they're approaching the task.