Sunday, 11 March 2012

Unit 5: Story logline's and Ideas

Unit 5 the Neurotic Chair Loglines


  1. Okay, to start with I do like these ideas, though they both could be improved some what. However, Im sure if Phill saw this he would say the same as I am about to say, your 2nd idea has A LOT going on in it. What I mean by that is that you have a chair, two people and a lorry to animate, that is hell of a lot of work. Phill has mentioned to a few people to stay away from having people in it and if it needs people, have the sounds of people or just a hand here or there as trust, you will struggle if you try to do all of that.

    Anyway back to your ideas. your second idea, I personally think you should not kill off you character as this to me says its frightened more than nervous. Again the chase backs this up.

    Your 1st idea, I like it. Though I'm not sure about the ending... What if you had it surrounded by old junk in the window and its nervous, however they too come to life and make him feel welcome? Yu could just have one thing come to life instead of many to cut done on the work load. This over character could then show him the mirror of both of them reflected in it and thats what makes him happy as he now has a friend instead of being alone?

  2. Really well improved on the story making Amrit!!

    I like number 2 more than 1 but I do feel that there's too much action in the 2nd log line and it feels a bit too dark especially near the end- BUT you could maybe hide some of them from the screen using sound effects. at the start maybe a close up shot of a bell on the door opening to show that a customer has walked in and a hand is only seen in the shot just to avoid drawing people.

    Personally, number 2 seems more interesting than 1. But I feel that number 2 could do with more thinking around just to avoid people. You could use sound effects to back them up and not show them on screen at all but don't do it too much as it might affect the music and stuff. Have another go at it Amrit and enlighten us!! You're doing great!! ;D

  3. Yeah I will, was not thinking to show people but the sound of people coming in so voices yes I well use. I well put them in. Some how find a way to break the story for number two as I like the 2nd one. I well think of some more storys. :)

  4. Just a quick thing, I think you mean will instead of well. However its also good to see you have stopped putting in loads of '.' where there duse not need to be any. I can see an improvemnt amrit in you work, both practicle and written. Keep it up :)

    However I have to say I agree 2 needs work and could work but, my biggest fear here is that to me it dues not say 'nervous' to me. So just keep that in mind, but Im sure you will think of somthing :)
    Have a nice day now.