Saturday, 10 March 2012

Unit 5 Thumbnails

Seven different style of chairs. The ones I like is 1,5 and 6.

The images in the second image show chair movement. Different type of angles.

These images above show face expressions and a different character structure.

The  images on the left is a chair spring.
 I though that the chair can be a bit jumpy as he or she is a nervous character. As the spring gives the chair more movement to the wait it moves about. 


  1. Nice!! You're gettin' it Amrit!! :D The second set looks really good! You might also want think about since your chair is nuerotic, how it wants to move away from others. But really good development here!! (^_^)/b

  2. whoopee!! you've started blogging!
    Like Jojo says, have a think about how your chair is going to move, - is it going to shuffle on castors, or sprint about on wheels or walk on legs - because the movement will define the type of chair you need to use.

  3. Yes like the others said you need to think of movement, that said, these ARE really good. Im liking the 2nd lot as they have a lot of character and I can see them hoping about all over the place. Keep it up man !!!

  4. Thanks I well keep updateing with hopefully more improved sketches.