Sunday, 1 April 2012

key Thumbnails and Different start to story.

These are more detail sketches of the two character chairs. Some of them is how the chair would move.On the bottom right corner I made a quick sketch  of Freddy the nervous chair being chased by fire. As he is a wooden chair. I thought this would be another good idea. But I am going with the idea he's running from the fact Freddy will probarly get scraped in a skip. As bottom image well show.

Key images to the start of the story. These ideas I think work better. 



  2. use search terms "werewolf gothic literature", "lycanthropy Gothic"

    also - search "a Loup Garou" (Original French werewolf)

  3. Try and answer the question: 'Why are werewolves so popular in culture?' i.e. what do they 'mean'?

    So - you've got the Freudian idea - i.e. that werewolves are metaphors for sexual apetite (Little Red Riding Hood, The Company of Wolves, I Was A Teenage Werewolf, Teenwolf).

    'The Gothic' was an aspect of Romanticism (a period that embraced emotion and feeling over thinking and rational experience) - therefore, you should also look for the relationship between werewolves (as expression of pure emotion) and Romantic ideas.