Monday, 30 April 2012

@Phill Unit 4 Essay Psycho

Unit 4 Essay Psycho Complete

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  1. Hi Amrit,

    Okay - firstly, you need to correct your capitalisation - you've got film titles and book titles without capital letters. I've copy-pasted sections from your essay that you need to take another look at in terms of their structure; again, the sense of what you're trying to communicate gets lost and anything you can do to clean up these paragraphs will improve it - but I suppose I'm still concerned at the general lack of sophistication of your analysis here; it does feel at times as if you're describing, as opposed to analysing - but deal with the communication issues first.

    *This is taking about the height of the camera* ? talking?

    The only obstruction in a height of a camera not shown is the character faces. ?

    This image shows of an image of two characters which one is carrying a knife and is running towardsthe other character. The knife is bold to give an idea to the audience. The knife causes the directionof the knife to the character. ?

    quiet fast pasted ?

    As in the still image you can’t make at who it is. But the viewer notices what is going on. As the
    buck boot of the car is open and the character is putting something in that boot. Noticing this isbroad daylight. ?

    Close ups draw attention to a character and then to an object which could be a relation of
    an object and the character. As it’s another lead to something different.
    This is drawing attention toanother object which changes after a close up of a character. A shot close up is changed due to theimportance of a new adaption. ?

    The movement of the camera goes well with the visual adaption to the change of the character. Thisis more reflecting the image. This image of the drain shows that the importance of this drain hassomething to do from why it has led to this. It could mean that blood is going into the drain. This iswhy the camera is staying at this point of the close up. Is that person alive this direction brings at thesuspense ?