Monday, 23 April 2012

@Phill Unit 4 storys

Unit 4 New Script 2012

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  1. Okay - Amrit; these stories are still struggling to come together in any convincing sense. Some more ideas to help you on your way then...

    If we think about the character of a lighthouse man; he will be on his own, he will be lonely; perhaps because of this he dreams of being watched by 1000s of people; perhaps he dreams of being a great entertainer; perhaps the sword-swallowing/trampoline act is just a dream sequence? One obvious link is the light beam from the light house itself - perhaps it reminds him of a theatre spotlight, and it triggers the dream sequence. The third Act might reveal that while he's been dreaming, a ship has crashed onto the rocks or something - while he wasn't paying attention.


    It's the opposite; you've got a sword-swallowing trampoline acrobat type guy who is tired of the limelight and the 1000s of people and dreams instead of living quietly and alone in a lighthouse. However, when he gets there he soon discovers that his skills as a sword swallowing trampoline artist are required after the bulb in the lighthouse breaks and he has to save the day (somehow!) before a boat crashes onto the rocks.

    Perhaps then you need to think about the contrast - a lighthouse, which implies quiet and solitude and privacy, and the life of a performer, which implies publicity and noise?