Thursday, 19 April 2012

Refined Script


The story starts in a furniture shop a chair wondering about.


Seeing another character leads to a different direction. The abandoned warehouse.


The Last Chair


Freddy Nervous

Bob friendly and broken

Starting in a furniture shop the chair is minding his business.

He wonders around the shop as Freddy is the only one in the furniture shop.

He suddenly sees a plank of wood leading to the window.

He walks up it and sees a skip outside.

Its chairs being scraped falling into the skip.

So nervous and frightened he runs around the shop.  (Finding a way out)

Freddy soon finds the door leading up to it.  Charges up and runs to the door.

Runs out quickly.

Sees the skip and becomes nervous again.

Freddy sees chairs again being scraped and destroyed.

Then a chair approaches him and they both escape.

Running bob the other chair guides Freddy to a warehouse.

Approaching the broken down warehouse they go in.

They finally escape and live their new lives.

The End

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