Tuesday, 8 May 2012

@Phil Unit 4 character Bob


  1. looking good. However, i don't know if you meant it for the character, but the proportions fell a little off, like the head and the arms. A good way to get proportions right (it may sound silly but it works!) stand how your posting your character, see how far you arms come down your body and stuff like that :) But either way good to see you cracking on with this!

  2. Hey Amrit - I know you've worked hard on this - but I have to ask what's with the Manga hair and Picasso-like distortions on the face? There's an element of style-creep here - you've been pretty much drawing in the same way since you arrived with us - what's the design justification for this anime-inspired character? You've got to think these things through and figure out why you're drawing in the way that you are - and if indeed it's appropriate to the world of your story...