Wednesday, 9 May 2012

@Phill Cancer Cells and normal Cells

The above images is of normal cells.
I like number 10 the most has something different about it.

These images of the cancer cells just trying at new creations.
Also I like 2 and 4.  


  1. Hey Amrit,

    In terms of design, what are the 'rules' of your style? These look very elaborate, with lots of detail, and it's unlikely that you'll be able to accomplish this in Maya first time out - so maybe you need to think in a more stylised and graphical way?

  2. Yes, I agree...they are good designs but a bit ambitious I think for now! Take what you like about the various designs (for example the tentacles or the spikes) and see if you can design something a bit more Maya-friendly!

  3. Some of these cells I think are doable. I don't want to make a basic shape that will not show some sort of detail to the story itself. I dont think there wil be as many cells as detail. I will keep drawing and see what I can do.

  4. I think you should be more realistic with the time it takes design and then go on to production. I think you should set yourself a deadline when to stop deisgning and start the the storyboarding and animatic ASAP.

  5. At the moment I have been struggling as I am doing the whole unit 4 on top of this. Thats why it's been really hard. Joey my target audence is adults/teenagers. My scipts are there just waiting for phill to have look. Joey have a look to. I do need to push ahead.