Thursday, 5 July 2012

Snake Temple

I done this snake temple from my head. More I will do this month.


  1. Hi Amrit,
    just a couple of suggestions for you:

    1. Vary your line weight, at the moment the line work you have is defining the forms equally, this serves to flatten the image, removing depth.
    2: try shading with mixes of your base colour, the black shading looks very sooty, also bear in mind your light source and consider how the shadows will fall.


  2. This is looking good! I agree with simon but its still looking good! I do ask though, Im not quite sure whats going on with the floor? is it a cliff of some sort? It just seems like your building (which is very good) has been placed on something else so its like 2 different styles.I think if you keep it bold and block-like, like you building is it may fit a little bit better?